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What features does Minecraft have on Wii U Edition?

The great thing about Minecraft is, regardless of which new or old gaming platform you play games on, it’s almost always going to be available on it. On all platforms, you will get both single player mode and multi-player mode.

Minecraft on Wii U Edition

Minecraft remains in active development on the Wii U. This means that the Wii U edition of Minecraft will continue to get updates that are rolled out to the desktop versions of the game. That said, there are still differences in the game compared to the desktop version, and compared to other console versions.

  • Minecraft on the Wii U is no longer updated. At present, the most recent update that is available is the Aquatic update whereas all other platforms have now received the Cliffs and Caves update. If you’ve bought the game, it’s basically reached its end of life for the Wii U platform. Updates to the game ended in early 2019.
  • The game view you get in Minecraft for the Wii U is single player only. Unlike other games where a connected display will show you other players and the game pad will show you your own player view, Minecraft shows the same view on both. There is no way to change this.
  • There is a split screen option but it only supports two players.
  • You can play on just the game pad i.e., you don’t necessarily need the display.
  • The game costs the same as it does on other platforms; $29.99.
  • Up to 8 players can play an online game together.
  • The gameplay is the same; you have an open world that you can explore, you collect items, craft items, and fight mobs. 
  • This edition does NOT support cross-play. You will only be able to play on servers and with players that are also playing on the Wii U.


Minecraft is a game that is still in active development. With the Wii U edition, most players have run into bad luck. The game initially took a long time to be ported to this console and at the time, the Wii U was fairly popular. The console did not retain its user base. This gave Mojang little reason to continue developing the game for a platform that was consistently seeing fewer active players. This is generally a risk that comes with new consoles and platforms. There is no telling how well the console will do and if developing a game for it is worth the time, effort, and money. 

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