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Windows 7: Convert/Export Windows Contacts To VCF & CSV File Format

Recently I wanted to migrate all the contacts from Sony Ericsson mobile phone to Nokia, both companies provide application to manage and sync contacts. The problem I faced was after Sony Ericsson successfully synced the contacts on my computer, the contacts were saved in Windows Contacts folder. These contacts have .contact extension at the end of their name, but Nokia’s application suit only supports importing of vCard(.vcf) and Comma Separated Values(.csv) contacts.

The first thing everyone does is to start finding a freeware app to convert Windows Contact(.contact) to VCF and CSV file format. After failing to find any app, I returned back to Windows Contacts folder only to find a build-in option to export contacts in both formats.

Apart from Exporting the contacts, there is also an option to Import the contacts from CSV, LDIF, vCard, and Windows Address Book file. You will also find additional options, such as, creating a new contact group, adding a new contact, and sharing the contacts over network.

Hit Export and select the desired format from the Export Windows Contact dialog window.

Windows Contacts Windows 7

Click Export and select the destination where you want to save the converted contacts into.

vCards Windows Contacts

Export Windows Contacts

You will now find all exported contacts in the selected destination. Once the contacts have been converted, you can import them in any other application. Windows 7 can only export contacts to CSV and VCF format, developers can take advantage of this functionality to add more formats.

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  • kayu

    good assay!! it helps me a lot!!

  • Maxwell

    THANKS A LOT MAN!!! It taken me about a week trying transfer contacts onto my new phone. Now I’ve done it! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  • dbreeze

    Thanks a LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT! Was already mad cos of this issue.

  • Josimar

    thanks man ……..

  • Jack

    What version of windows 7 are you using?
    I am using Windows 7 Home edition and I do not see all of those options listed.
    And the only way I can even add a new contact is by right clicking on the desktop and selecting new.

  • nurhafiz

    wwaaaa…. excellent… logically done.. why i never think this easy way for that solution.. i already used csv app. but i forgotten the operation… hehe… okla.. thnk u very much..

  • khurana

    i am using windows 7 and i am unable to see any of the above options under my contact folder. and whenever i try to export a file it displays an error message.

    • SheilaK

      Me too!



    • MCP,MCDST, MCT Win7

      actually they are. do some research….

    • SheilaK

      May or may not be a retard but I cannot find those options either!

  • Fareastz

    Try click “>>” button to expend and see it.

  • Mina

    You really rally really helped me thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Big Jim

    I can’t see options mentioned either. Not in the drop down menus even. Using win 7 ultimate 32 bit. Oh, and there’s no little >> icon either…. This appears to be the procedure for vista?

    • No. This is done on Windows 7. Go to Start Search, type contacts, and hit Enter. This will take you to Contacts folder.

  • batsanaa

    thanks lot. πŸ˜‰

  • Utkarsh Verma

    Looaaaadds of Thaaanks !!
    After searching in vain for so long on other sites, finally I found this!!
    I was getting reallly mad trying to sync my 535 contacts to the new phone from Windows 7…this was really a life saver!!!!!

  • Rajiv

    Thanks a ton….been struggling for a week to transfer my contacts to my new Nokia E72 from my Blackberry….you are god sent! πŸ™‚

  • Sagamore Man

    I was having problems finding the the view of Contacts with the export tab. I followed the instructions above. Go to Start Search, type contacts, and hit Enter. This will take you to Contacts folder with the extra tabs.

    • SheilaK

      I cannot find the folder with the extra tabs!!!!!! Arrrrgggg

  • Satvik

    Thanks a Lott man…srsly thanks a tonnn

  • SheilaK

    Okay I am seriously annoyed. I have the contact file but NOWHERE do I find the Import or Export window…..I have experience in importing/exporting .wab or .vcf so I get the concept. I have right clicked on everything I can find and HELP says “click on export from the toolbar” it’s not there! Any ideas on where my import/export option might be hiding????

  • mimmo


  • nik

    Merry Christmas!
    Coulld anyone teel me how to export correctly my contacts?
    While i exported them they contain no information at all. πŸ™ only the names….
    Any suggestions?

  • Dynamismind

    Man you helped me a lot, one million of thanks

  • steven

    i cant see the import or export options can u help me

  • rima

    Thanks alot, worked….

  • Leonardo

    There is a huge mistake, he say ‘go to Windows Contacts Folder’ but this folder doesnt show the buttons to export, the right way is: Start / Run / “wab” and then the Windows Contacts program will execute and you can see all the buttons

    • wasssaaa

      yuppp!!!! this is the right wayy

      thanks to both of you! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


      • wasssaaa

        @ leonardo :

        yuppp!!!! this is the right wayy

        thanks to both of you! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


        • palmertron

          Wab, spot on now I can see export

  • aL

    thk a lot.

  • excellento!!!

    THUMBS UP and shame on me for being unaware of an in-house tool that is available right at my finger trip.
    my data is in excel (and hence in CSV).
    how better i convey my THANKS to you

  • boody


  • Arun

    thank you a lot.I also was really confused to convert

  • rizal

    Thank you so much. It works 4 me.
    I’ve did it by using wab.exe. Just type wab after you press Windows button, and It’ll redirect to your contact folder, where all of .contact files stored.
    Hope it helps.

  • Rajat

    Thanks a Lot!!! Its Awesome …. Really saved a lot of effort. Love you windows 7

  • Rafiq


  • Abdullah

    thanks a lot, I really apprciate it.
    it took me alot of time looking for way to transfer the contact from my iphone to new HTC mytuoch

    really helpfull

  • Arvind Rouhan

    A tons of thanks really i got ma prob. solved…………..

  • daniel

    were is the dl link

  • Rahul Varshney

    Thanx alot dude .. u kindaa save my sole ….was trying to transfer the contacts from my HTC phone to Samsung Galaxy S mobile for past 3-4 days. Tried every kinda option but finally you gave me the right option .. thanx alot … cant say u made ny day cos its 00:25 hrs here but u certainly made my night πŸ™‚

  • shanjacob

    thnx lot dude…Really saved a lot of effort…..

  • Ping

    Thanks man, this REALLY helps!!!

  • milad

    thanks a lot .that was so easy but we should try to open our eyes to find out that πŸ˜€

  • TT

    I have export button, but my win7 does nothing when I push it πŸ™ Any ideas?

  • Shivi

    Awesome buddy thanx a lot

  • mostafa kiani

    i have some tell numbers that type of file is ” contact file”, this file not read in ovi suite , may you help me how to convert this file to “vcf file” ?

  • Sami

    thanks man it is helpful to convert nokia cell contacts to iphone cell contacts too easily,,,,,,,,,,thanks alot

  • Trashsonic

    For all who can’t find export button YOU HAVE TO GO /user/contacts folders in C: there will be the export button. If your contacts are in other location move/copy them into contacs folder and export them from there.

  • malak

    so good work

  • Yuliono

    This is exactly what I want! Nakodari, you save my time & my life, thanks a lot man… Wish u a lot of luck in your life 😑

  • Yuliono

    Guys, you have to create new folder inside “Contact” folder (here the author create “vCard” folder). Then right click and choose “Customize”, and choose “Optimize this folder for… (choose Contacts)”. Export-Import button will finally appears on the “vCard” folder, but not in “Contact” folder.

    It makes my stomach sick to figure out, so I come back here just to tell you all.
    Hope it helps and good luck – Yuliono

    • Peter MΓ€ki

      Incredible brilliant!! I had the same problem… Now finally it works. Wow… Great job!!!



  • Ayush

    Really helped me man……thanx a lot

  • Ahmad


    ALLAH bless you πŸ™‚

  • Me

    Start / Run / β€œwab” thanks for this !!!

  • amol

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  • mesho0o0o

    Thanks a Lot!!! Its Awesome …. Really saved a lot of effort.

  • Same264264

    thanks dud ………
    this problem made me crazzyyyyyy
    it’s my about 4 hrs of hard work to do this, finally you halped me ….
    again thanks
    keep it up

  • kamal sujeewa

    thanx a lot

  • Deepak Chodha

    High for me i am not able to find this export option. When i open my contact the export option is disabled.can you tell me how do i get to export option.
    kindly help me out
    Thanks in advance.

  • Tgasior

    thx a lot !!!

  • rahul m

    really nice one thanks.. it really helped me a lot

  • rahul m

    really nice one thanks.. it really helped me a lot

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  • Patelanupr

    just done within a second….gr8 tips

  • Hazemraafat

    thanks great man >>> realy you solved my problem with that easy way >>>:))))))))

  • acc

    There seems to be an issue with the contacts folder in Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, when I browse to C:/users/MYNAME there is no contacts folder there, but when I click my name from the start menu the folder is there. It appears that Windows doesn’t recognise this is the contacts folder therefore doesn’t offer an export button. The only way I could get around this was to copy the contacts to another computer running 64bit Windows, although I doubt the version has anything to do with it.

    • twtwtw

      you should use “” instead “/”

  • Aaa

    Thank yoou!!!

  • Satvika

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!.. Β These manufacturers should create more customer friendly softwares & support systems! Β arghh.. thanks to you I SUCCESSFULLY transferred my dad’s 893 contacts in a jippy. Last time it took me 2 HRS to transfer them via bluetooth.

    Thanks a lot again!!!.. Β πŸ˜‰

  • mikeru

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  • Ashish

    This was really very useful

  • Awesome !!

  • Ashay

    thanks. works well. just need to remember that the contacts need to be in the contact folder to see the export option.
    26 Feb 2012

  • Syed Tahir

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    u rockssss….

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  • Amit

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    thanks a lot
    you saved my life

  • Vikram

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  • Vikram

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  • Junaid

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  • James Smith

    Thanks a Lot dude…..u like really saved a lot of time by finding this!

  • Anshul

    You rock. Saved me so much grief with such simplicity. Wish i used eyes while on the comp.

  • Moritz

    Does anyone know how to convert .vcf to .contact ? Please help πŸ™‚

  • shashank

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  • shashank

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  • Vishal Kapoor

    Perfect. Works great with Nokia exported file from .csv file. I just imported the file into windows contact and converted into vcf format to move to Nokia n8 phone.thanks

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  • griban

    many thanks!!! that was easy and saved a lot of time for me

  • Md. Shazzadur Rahman

    Really awesome, last two days I was mad with the problem when I am changing my cell phone but now solved very simply, thanks bro. in comments some person cannot understand the solution for them: pls go My computer => windows default drive c: => Users => than open your user folder you will get contacts folder open it than you go through Nakodari borthers instruction, hope you will solve your problem, thanks everyone. bye and again thanks to Mr. Nakodari.

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  • trashsonic hatsoff

    Trashsonic’s Comment 2 years ago helped me find the export button…..

    i’ll repost it for the sake of those finding trouble

    “For all who can’t find export button YOU HAVE TO GO /user/contacts folders in C: there will be the export button. If your contacts are in other location move/copy them into contacs folder and export them from there.”

  • prado61

    Great help, thanks

  • farooq

    thanks dear… it was easy. just a way was needed that how to do that…

  • doodyy

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  • ashish

    well i tried the same way however it dint worked ,, everything is been converted and still its nt showing in the folder. where i exported the file,, the file is already in .vcf format in windows contacts and i want to use wats app in my laptop, so i was importing the contacts from the laptop to wats app application provided by blue stack, however wen i am importing the contact it is saying invalid format so i tried changing the format from .vcf to .csv by the above mention procedure.. so i selected all the above mentioned option but it is not showing in the selected folder.. wat can be done., is there any way i can convert the windows contacts which is showing in .vcf format to .csv format

  • Ahmed


  • RichardH

    All you talked about was Exporting a file not Importing the .Contact file and converting it to a .CSV file. I have Windows 7 Home Edition and nothing you’ve said addressed this common conversion issue that people have when migrating ot upgrading from Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7.

  • Ted

    I am having a different problem than others seem to be experiencing.

    Although I do get to the dialog window asking for the output format (this already is in Windows 10, by the way), after selecting the .vcf, I am not asked about the folder, where I would like to export the contacts. I am simly informed, that the contacts have been exported into the selected folder. Since I have never selected any folder, it is hard to say, where these new .vcf files are to be found or whether they have been exported at all. I am guessing that this Q&A is long past its active days, but I am leaving the comment anyway in a hope, that someone might have had a similar problem before.

  • bnatloz

    Hi All!

    I have a big problem .

    I’ve imported my merged contact csv file . . It contains 2978 entries.
    But when check it in the phonebook on the phone I can see 1753 entries.

    I’ve found an opportunity how to export all entries . So I’ve exported into one file .
    It saved automaticly vcf format .

    I’d like to convert this vcf file to vcs format to identify which entries missing .

    I found this great opportunity .
    But after 14 entries I get an error message. “Application error in importing dll c:Program FilesWindows Mailwabimp.dll”

    I use Windows 8.1 professional .
    Have anybody this error message ? What is the root of the problem? How can I solve it?

    Thanks in advance,
    BR Z