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Windows 7 History: Recent Places

Just like Favorites, there is a feature in Windows 7 that is quite useful. Recent Places lists all folders that the user has visited in the past. It is like a recent history list similar to what most 3rd party tools offer. Provided that it is not filled with many features, it nevertheless does a great job in displaying the last visited places very accurately.

You will find Recent Places listed under Favorites on the left sidebar in Windows Explorer. By default, all folders and places are displayed at random. Examples of places are Hardware & Sound, System & Security, etc.

Since most users prefer seeing it by date and time, right-click Windows Explorer, select Sort By, and click Date Modified. Now you will see the list of places visited recently and can easily find out which folder or place was accessed at what time and date.

Recent Places Windows 7

I have noticed that it only lists the folders or places when you open a file or perform an action inside it. If you visit a folder and move back or close the explorer without opening any file inside it, it will not be recorded under Recent Places.

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  • nedia

    You showed how to access recent places. I share a computer at work. I don’t want my colleagues to see the documents that I have used. Your web page does not teacdh how to disable the recent places from showing up. I already made the number of recent documents in MS Office to zero but cannot disable the recent places. Please show me how to do it step by step.

    Next, do you know how to type the @ or at symbol if the shift key in a regular keyboard is sometimes stuck. When I hold the shift key and press the number two, only 2 shows. I tried to search the Internet but no good answer. Thank you in advance.


    • Imran Zahid

      When you are in the recent places folder, simple select all the files (shortcut is CTRL+A) and press the delete button. It will remove all the shortcuts.

      For the @ symbol you can use the On Screen Keyboard. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Ease of Access -> On-Screen Keyboard

  • bothered girlfriend

    Hi. I was gone visiting my mother with my son and my boyfriend stayed behind at our apartment. Upon returning home, I went into the “recent places” folder to work on something for my college that I had not yet finished. I discovered a folder about a subject he told me he would no longer persue. It could be that this folder had been opened before we talked about it, but I cannot tell.

    My question is: is there a way to tell how long ago or exactly how recently a file was opened? I cannot access this folder on my own, as it was part of a memory card.

    Please let me know, it may ease my mind.

    • Imran Zahid

      When you go to the recent place, it will tell you the Date Modified. The folders you see there are those which were visited, when were they exactly visited you can not tell, but you may get a rough idea with the Date Modified column.

    • z3g4

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    • ASIT

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    • C321

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      • TrustNoOne

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  • dave

    i turned off the browser cookie functionality. could you tell me please how to turn it back on? thanks dave

  • louis

    can you please tell me if there a way to save all file from my “recent document” includes not just the browser page but also the info that was intered like: if i log in on certain browser i want to be able to save my log in and password on a secure file;
    please help

  • louis

    pss! correction!!
    can you please tell me if there a way to save all file from my “RECENT PLACES/HISTORY” includes not just the browser page but also the info that was intered like: if i log in on certain browser i want to be able to save my log in and password on a secure file;
    please help

  • matthew

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    • C321

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      • Chef Shawk Parson III

        isn’t what you’re doing just what you’re criticizing others for: a breech of their privacy? r u a priest or preacher or something? 😀

  • Sathesh

    I’m using windows 7 more than 2 yrs, for last two month recent places option disabled in my laptop. i cant retrieve the option. Help me to get back that option, i tried system restore, Task bar properties.

  • Susan Yaggey

    thought we were looking to see when wanted to get married now upset showed me something else not as important as the item i wanted to see. Why do you do this to me
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  • Metta

    Here’s a link to an MS forum where an explanation is posted about how to turn the “recent places” tracking function on and off:


    Hope this helps!

  • Ted

    these comments are hilarious

  • Steffen

    I deleted my Recent Places folder under favorites, now i cant get it back. I noticed that it was a shortcut.

    Does anyone know how do i get it back?

    • Ross

      Select the explorer folder right click on the favourites select restore default or something like that.
      Worked for me after a lot of searching

      • DaBeagle

        Thanks, finally sanity, in the world of the insane….

  • miss.tirious.

    the recent places of my computer is gone. i dont know how to put it back?? its gone and i dont know hoe. please help me.

    • DaBeagle

      If you Find a good hoe, let me know, I would like one too (maybe we can share?)

  • Ronaldo_dorn_50

    i want to return recent places icon

    • Abc

      WINDOWS 7

      • jd194

        Need help! My 8-year-old typed a report on Windows 7 last weekend (I witnessed it!!).  He saved it every few minutes.  When we opened it today to print it, it was blank.  I’ve looked through the recent files and event logs, and there is nothing that even shows we did anything on the computer the day he wrote it.  When I go to the file properties, it says the file was created today at the time we opened it.  Is this a problem in Windows 7, or did we screw up???  Is there anything that would help us go into the Cache or anything to find the 3-page report that he wrote? 

  • aravinth

    this comment well helpes for me!

  • anni

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  • Jaba

    I accidentally removed 2 apps from my laptop, is there a way to retrieve them without inserting the discs again

  • angie

    lost my internet explorer icon. how do i get it back to get on interenet

  • too slow

    Using Recent Places is a pain. It takes a minute to open, while busy building an index and moving the items around. Then you have to enlarge the window, to find Last Modified time and hit it. Only then is the latest at the top – this should be the default. Then click to open a folder. Total over a minute and about 5 clicks.

  • Nikita Kuzmin

    If you lost – right click on Fav folder – restore default links. (my pc lang is russian. So it might slightly be different)