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winLight Is Windows Search Alternative To Spotlight On Mac

This is one app everyone should keep tab of. winLight is a new upcoming tool touted to be Windows replacement for Spotlight on Mac. For those who don’t know, Spotlight is the default search feature on Mac which is simply brilliant. It would be immensely difficult to create an exact copy of Spotlight for Windows but the developer of Winlight has aimed to do it anyway.

The stable version according to the roadmap will be 2.0, at the moment of writing it is only 0.8 but was quite stable while we tested it. It needs a new interface and is planned to be included in version 1.0, according to the roadmap.

Below are some screenshots of the app in action. The search results are displayed quickly as you type in real-time and are blazing fast.

spotlight for windows[5]


winlight config

Settings can be manually configured but since the app is still in Alpha version, you should not expect much. We will keep you updated when the new better stable version is launched.

It worked seamlessly on our Windows 7 32-bit OS and did not crash.

Download winLight


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