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Start Outlook 2010 With IMAP Inbox Folder

If you have set up an IMAP account in Outlook 2010, then you must have been looking for a way to change Outlook startup folder to IMAP Inbox. By default Outlook 2010 always open Outlook Data Folder, so you have to navigate to Inbox of specific IMAP account manually. In this post we will focusing on automatically changing the startup folder of Inbox to IMAP account.

On opening Outlook 2010 you will see the default startup folder which is Outlook Data File inbox.


To change it, go to File menu and click Options


From left sidebar select Advanced and from right pane under Outlook start and exit group click Browse.

option 1

Now collapse the list to view the IMAP account(s). Expand the desired one and click it’s Inbox folder as shown below. Click OK to continue.

opton 3

Now click OK button in Outlook Options window. Close Outlook and open it again to see the changes. Now you will directly view the IMAP account inbox rather than Outlook Data File.

IMAP acount

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  1. Thank you!  Not having my imap open by default has been driving me nuts.

    I’ve just started with Office/Outlook 2010 and twice in 2 days you guys have come through with an answer when other websites don’t have it. Definitely bookmarking!

  2. THANK YOU! There are so many useless tips out there, I was really gonna give up. You just made my life a lot easier…

  3. Much better thank you
    I really think MS have a hell of a lot to learn about usability – again and again and again – what planet do they design from!!??

  4. Thank you! Do you know of a way to get all my other IMAP folders to expand on startup?

    Also, can I get rid of the default Outlook Data File?

  5. Hi – If I double click on a “Task” and it opens an email how do I know what folder that email is categorized in? Is there any way to see it?

  6. I’ve got this setup and it works fine, but not for offline. See this screenshot: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/c_rebuck/Imapfoldermissing.jpg or
    I can click on the collapsed IMAP folder tree, and open INBOX and I’m back in action, but isn’t there a way to have it open when offline without these 2 extra clicks? Anyone else getting this?

  7. Thank you! This has bothered me for a long time now and finally i can start outlook on my IMAP accounts inbox.

  8. Hvala za ove korisne informacije! Konačno sam postigao ono što sam htio s ovim programom!

    (Thank You for useful information! Finaly I got what I want with this program!

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