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Wireless Ad-Hoc Network In Windows 7 Starter

When we wrote a detailed guide on setting up an ad-hoc network connection in Windows 7/Vista, some users complained that the Starter edition didn’t have an option for setting up an Ad-Hoc network in the Network and Sharing Center.

On Microsoft product page it is stated that ad-hoc connection is not available in Windows 7 Starter edition. But as it all turns out, you can in fact use the ad-hoc network in Starter edition.

Microsoft has promoted Windows 7 Starter edition in a bizarre way. Sure, it is a stripped down version of Windows 7 most suitable for netbooks but saying that it can’t create or be part of ad-hoc network is stupid and misleading.

Most guides, including the one we wrote here, ask users to head over to the Network and Sharing Center and then set up ad-hoc network. But the ad-hoc shortuct is missing from Windows 7 Starter edition(see screenshot below).

Set up connection or network

If you are using Windows 7 Starter, you are licensed to use the ad-hoc network but NOT licensed to use the ad-hoc network shortcut inside Network and Sharing Center. Read the sentence again, we are talking about ‘ad-hoc network’ and the ‘ad-hoc network shortcut’ inside Network and Sharing Center. So Microsoft is actually confusing the hell out of novice users.

Want to set up ad-hoc network? Simply head over to Start Search, type adhoc, and hit Enter. This will open up the Ad-hoc Network connection wizard. Simple as that.

ad-hoc in windows 7 starter

[via Within Windows]

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  • Works ! thanks mate…

  • angryscot

    is there a way to get on line with an ipod throw an netbook on windows 7 starter

  • TENG

    Nice job. Very helpful. Boo to microsoft.

  • Misa

    its work in search just ente ad-hoc and you have it

  • TyleR

    I have a problem it says the windows wireless service is not running

  • sarwano

    works, great article

  • sarwano

    but we could not detect any wireless network interface 🙁 why?

  • Raochaganti2009

     plz help .. how can i use connectify software in win_7_starter

    • Saadmaqbool786

      it says that i dont have privilege to share internet…..why is that?????

      • amiludin dzul fikri

        you can use cmd, you just open in start, and you run administration and write netsh (space) wlan (space) set (space) hostednetwork (space) mode=allow (space) ssid=yourname key=……… (then enter)

        and write again netsh (space) wlan (space) start (space) hostednetwork (then enter again)

    • amiludindzulfikri

      use cmd in start

  • ajeesh

    thanks for ur information

  • ash

    omg i love you for this!

  • Minik Lambrecht

    Ty so much i am so happy no !!!!!

  • heliDmitry

    thank you for this info. i really thought ad hoc doesn’t exist in Win Starter

  • murad

    Its not working, it says’ window could not create connection

  • milotimilot

    but it says windows could not detect any wireless network interface