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You Need To Stop KB 3035583 From Installing Again

Starting June 2015, Microsoft aggressively began to push Windows 10 to its existing users. The push came in the form of an app called Get Windows 10. It installed with an update and appeared in the system try. It could check your system (hardware and apps) for compatibility with Windows 10 and allowed you to reserve a copy of the new operating system. The update did something else though; it also downloaded files to install Windows 10, regardless if you reserved a copy for it or not. Users suddenly found their main Windows drive short on 6GB with nothing to account for the used space. It turned out to be KB 3035583 and one other update that were responsible for the used space; it was downloading Windows files to a folder called $WINDOWS.~BT. To recover lost space, the folder had to be deleted and the updates responsible for the files had to be hidden so that they didn’t install again. Unfortunately, the update is back and very likely to install itself again unless you hide it. Here’s how to hide the update and why it’s back.

Updates that have been hidden can appear again if a new version of the same update is released. That’s the case with KB 3035583; not only has it received an update (thus unhiding it), it’s status as an ‘Optional’ update has been changed to ‘Important’. If, after hiding this update on your system you decided to let Windows automatically install Important updates from Microsoft, it is likely the update has been installed on your system (again).


If it has been installed, uninstall and hide it again. To hide an update, go to Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update and view the list of Optional updates. Right-click KB3035583 and select Hide from the context menu. If it has been installed, uninstall and hide it again.


  1. Helpful article ! For what it’s worth , if your company is searching for a WI DoR Schedule 3K-1 , my kids used a template document here https://goo.gl/E0kuyu.

  2. Windows 10 slowed my pc down I went from 7 to 10 and the reverted back to 7 but I am being forced to install the KB file to install 10 again why?

  3. I don’t care if its better or not I. DON’T. WANT. IT. I like windows 7, I
    know how to use it, I don’t like the tablet layout of windows 8/10 and I
    don’t have a touch screen so I don’t want them on my computer. I
    especially don’t want an update installing iteself with an irremmoveable
    add on my quicklaunch bar that downloads gigabytes of data to get me
    ready for something I don’t intend to use in the first place. Having
    said update be “updated” so my concious decision to hide it and say GO
    AWAY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST GO AWAY is undone not once but over and
    over I’ve uninstalled and hidden this update half a dozen times now it
    keeps coming back is if anything having the opposite effect on me. Its
    not making me want to install windows 10 its making me want to purge it
    with fire and consider a mac.

    • @liamwarner:disqus I think you’re misinformed…

      Windows 8 has what is properly called the “Metro” apps & it’s most undesired feature is the “Start Screen” which replaced the “Start Menu”… Windows 10 brings back the “Start Menu” while also offering the “Start Screen” as an option…

      Even if you’re running Windows 8, you don’t have to go without the “Start Menu” as you can install a third party app that provides that function.

      I will note that although I think Windows 10 is excellent on computers that are fast enough to run it, I understand that YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) and opinions are like bellybuttons (everybody’s got one & they’re all different). I respect people’s choice to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade, & I also respect people who have a valid reason NOT to do so… HOWEVER, most of the people I’ve heard being terrified & annoyed at Microsoft’s offering Windows 10 to them seem to be misinformed…

      I agree that once an update is hidden, it should stay hidden… If you don’t like being forced to install updates, then Windows 10 is not for you, because not only does Windows 10 update itself automatically, but you no longer have the option to turn those automatic updates off…

    • Actually I’m not misinformed although I can see how it would seem that way, hazards of posting when ticked off (it had been a bad day in general and then that update kept reinstalling itself). A part of why I don’t want windows 10 is the you are forced to install updates on our schedule. The tablet layout is just one of the big things that stuck with me as I had to get a new laptop and it had windows 8 on it. I did install that 3rd party app to get my smart menu back.

    • @liamwarner:disqus
      You still seem to be confusing Win8.1 with Win10… The “tablet layout” (which I’m assuming is what you’re calling the “Start Screen”) is a non-default option in Windows 10… You DO NOT need a third party program to be installed in Windows 10 to get the Start Menu to work.

    • “If you don’t like being forced to install updates, then Windows 10 is not for you, because not only does Windows 10 update itself automatically, but you no longer have the option to turn those automatic updates off…” Well, since you put it that way Sherlock, I guess Liam & I & MILLIONS of others who have been saying “WE DO NOT WANT Windows10” will be listened to, right? JFC; you’re a thick headed dolt! Proof of this is seen in your far too long & inflammatory reply stating that the comment’s writer needed to be fitted for a “tin foil hat.”

    • @madamemidlifecrisis:disqus
      You complain of “broken English spoken by offshore tech support” yet your grasp of English seems just as tenuous…

      Windows 10 *IS* (IMHO) actually a *LOT* better than Windows 8 and (although I’m sure you won’t agree) roughly equivalent to Windows 7 (except it is newer & has some further “refinements”) and *NOT* the ” turd sandwich with NO mustard, served in a dirty ashtray & with a glass of sour milk” you say it is… (Have you even tried Windows 10, or are you basing (not to be confused with biasing) your opinion off of terrified third party reports from people who: 1) Didn’t like the Windows 8 “Start Screen” replacing their cherished “Start Menu” from earlier versions they were used. 2) Lumped biases from their experiences (or worse yet hearsay from other people regarding their biases) with Windows 8.1 into the category of “they did it before, they probably did it again”. & applied to Windows 10 without it actually being applicable.) I’ll grant tyou that Windows 10 *IS* different from previous versions of Windows, but those earlier versions were also different from what preceded them too… You may not remember it now, but I’ll wager that you thought that Windows 7 was worse than XP, and XP was worse than 98, etc… If you haven’t tried it & can’t explain properly what you don’t like about what’s different in the newest version of Windows, go back to drawing on your cave walls…

      I didn’t say @liamwarner:disqus needed to be fitted with a foil hat, but rather that his statement “It’s also safe to assume that Windows 10 is sending all of your data back to Microsoft no matter how it’s configured.” sounded LIKE the ramblings of a paranoid conspiracy theorist…

      Lastly, I don’t know why you’re concerned with this, @liamwarner:disqus didn’t seem to feel it was an “inflammatory” comment.

    • No, Windows 10 is much worse than Windows 7. If you are coming from Windows 8, then Windows 10 might be worth it.

    • Am staying with Windows 7 too, I have windows 10 on another pc and I don’t like it much more than Windows 8

    • Fucks sake. all newer windows versions are better than its predecessors. 7>Xp, 8.1>7, 10>8.1 10>8, 7, xp. Except for vista of course which is worst, period.

    • Nope. Win10 is awful, constantly causing problems & had corrupted my 14 month old ASUS monster unit to the point of connecting to the internet slower than when I had a 56K modem, had problems with my hardware & software for various programs & don’t get me started on how slow it was to boot up. Win10 makes Vista look like a godsend. Once M$ stops support & updates for Win7, I’m done with them & going to Apple. I’ve used Windows since 1992 & have beta tested plenty of things for M$ over the years. It’s now an awful experience to call for tech support & you’d have a better time playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun than to expect getting the help you were once able to through them. The techs can barely speak/understand English & the minute your problem goes off of their scripted flowchart, they push you to buy “escalated tech support” & tell you that $99 for 30 days is a BARGAIN, even if all you need is a simple fix that should only take 5 minutes. Win10 is supposedly the last version, the apex, the be all & end all of their Windows upgrades, yet for me & millions of others who were loyal to them, practically from the start, it’s a slap in the face.

    • Understandable. But many people said the same things about windows 8 going from 7. Same thing with people who refused to go from XP too 7. Just because you have had problems doesn’t mean all will have. Just saying. I don’t like MS way of doing things nowadays though.

    • What about all the spying that M$ is now doing on you within your operating system. Yeah, yeah … Google does it. Does that make it okay? What stops them from resetting all the privacy settings you have had to adjust to minimize it (but not actually disable)? Wait for the ads you will start seeing in your OS. Supposedly it has already started in screen savers that pull random images from the web. Windows 10 is a rabbit hole …

    • No, not one feature was improved upon from Windows 7. Windows 10 is malware that forces you to use a microsoft account to do everything and shoe horns you into shitty cloud storage. It’s also safe to assume that Windows 10 is sending all of your data back to Microsoft no matter how it’s configured. The migration from 7->10 is a bigger deal than 8->10. More than 50% of the people I deal with (IT business) that go from 7->10 experience problems and need to go back. Again all for no benefit even if things go perfectly.

    • @danbrothwell:disqus
      You seem to be misinformed…

      Microsoft made Windows 10 use a Microsoft Account by default, but it is NOT required… Your conspiracy theory “It’s also safe to assume that Windows 10 is sending all of your data back to Microsoft no matter how it’s configured.” is highly akin to those of people who wear foil hats because they are afraid of aliens reading their minds… There ARE things you can do to ensure your privacy, but that’s better covered elsewhere. (Simply put, just disconnect it from the internet & nothing will leave your computer unsupervised…) Microsoft may have their fingers in much more than they may be entitled to, but they really couldn’t find most of the files on your PC all that interesting… Even if there was interesting info in a file (or multiple files) on your PC, how do you propose they narrow their search for interesting information down to your PC among all the millions of PCs out there running Windows 10? They don’t have the time…

    • Your tl;dr rant warrants this reply: I fart in your general direction! Win10 has & will continue to kill what’s left of M$ as they no longer care about personal users, who were basically the backbone of the business. Once Gates sold out, it started going to shit. Try calling tech support with an odd problem (which used to be fixed with an answer within minutes of speaking to a tech) & see how fast their garbled English becomes clear as the ringing of a bell to offer you “escalated tech support” for 30 days & at the “low price” of $99…

    • Yes, it is better for newer software. I have some older 32 bit software that will not run on 64 bit operating systems. There is no upgrade for this software.

    • I’m laughing maniacally! Win10 is a turd sandwich with NO mustard, served in a dirty ashtray & with a glass of sour milk compared to Win7. My next step, after they kill support & upgrades to 7, is to get an Apple. That should explain how much better Win10 is for this “I’ve been using Windows since 3.1” user. But to you “Win10 is sooooo much better” sorts will have fun with it. You’ll find it esp. fun with their outsourced, underpaid tech support, who’s sole purpose is to get you (in their hard to understand, broken English) to BUY M$ tech support for 30 days at $99, to fix even the simplest problem. Enjoy!

    • Not for me. I got a new gaming laptop (read “high performance”) for Christmas and it was pre-loaded with Win 10. After a few weeks of getting to know it (which was learning to hate it, for the most part), I found very little in the way of advantages and quite a few annoyances. So, I *bought* a copy of Win 8.1 Pro and installed it (with the freeware Classic Shell) on a separate drive. Both are available via dual boot, but I haven’t started Win 10 since about a couple of weeks after I installed Win 8.1. No need to — 8.1 does everything I need with better overall performance. Much like MadameMidlifeCrisis, I have been using M$ products for a LONG time (about 35 years) and am fed up with M$ “improvements” that often are buggy or invasive, denying me control of MY computer. I’ll be moving to BSD or Linux when 8.1 no longer serves my needs unless there’s a HUGE change in the M$ OS offering at that time.

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