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1Tap Eraser Provides Customizable, Scheduled System Cleaning On Android

Root Uninstaller, the the team behind many popular Android system tools, have just pushed a new app to the Google Play Store. Titled 1Tap Eraser, the app happens to be a very handy junk cleaner that helps you get rid of your Android device’s cached and private content in multiple ways, including a fully customizable scheduled system cleaner. Be it the overall apps’ cache, your call logs, SMS/MMS history, stock browser & Google Apps’ cache or your search history from Google Search and YouTube etc, this app lets you clear it all from under the same roof, with just a tap. Better yet, with the minimalistic 1Tap Eraser homescreen widget, you don’t even have to bear the hassle of launching the app itself in order to perform a cleanup operation. In addition, the app supports creating various exceptions for including, as well as excluding select content or contacts to/from its cleaning mechanism so that you can retain your important content whilst getting rid of all junk material. For browser cache, the app lets you pick specific URLs or entire domains. You can use multiple filters to add exceptions for adding or removing your personal mobile data (call logs and message history) to or from the app’s white and black list.

1Tap-Eraser-Android-Home 1Tap-Eraser-Android-Browser

From the app’s man interface, you can manually select whatever content you wish to erase. In this regard, you have control over selection of required content. Various options available to you include clearing records for incoming, outgoing or missed calls, erasing SMS/MMS history, browser cache, Google Play or Map searches, Gmail search, and YouTube search history.

To configure the app’s homescreen widget, just head over to the app’s settings screen, hit the Widget eraser option,  and choose what you want it to get rid of.

1Tap-Eraser-Android-Widget-Settings 1Tap-Eraser-Android-Widget

The Auto-eraser option on the app’s settings screen, as its name suggests, is from where you can configure its scheduled cleanup feature. Apart from letting you select required data categories, said screen allows you to set the scheduler time, as well as the exact interval between two cleanup tasks.

Now for what is arguably the best option in 1Tap Eraser, one that makes it stand apart from the countless other Android system cleaners available in the Play Store – the option to specify whitelists and blacklists for contacts and browser content. Both features can come in handy particularly if you don’t want your entire personal history and cached content to be wiped by the app. There is a separate toggle for both options, and you can specify whether the app should consider the whitelist when performing the cleanup task or operate on the blacklist. If neither option is selected, the app will perform a complete wipe on all personal data.

1Tap-Eraser-Android-Settings 1Tap-Eraser-Android-Scheduler

If you choose to go with the whitelist option, all content included in the list will be preserved. Conversely, the blacklist option erases all data included in the list, preserving the rest. However, for your contacts, the app offers you several filters and rules. For instance, you can opt to block or allow calls & messages from specific contacts, or you may also filter out required phone numbers using different rules. In this regard, you may either search for a contact by name or number, or feed in a particular extension to create a new exception for a number or group of numbers.

1Tap-Eraser-Android-Exception1 1Tap-Eraser-Android-Exception2

Like most Root Uninstaller apps, 1Tap Eraser deserves commendation for the extensive set of features that it supports. However, it can still improve on a number of different fronts, the first of which could be the option to allow users to select specific apps whose content they wish to erase. That being said, even in its current form, the app is miles ahead in functionality than most other available alternatives.

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  1. Beware. Deletes browser bookmarks as default which is plain stupid. Don’t know you guys but personally I DON’T consider them simply ‘history’.

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