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Add A Trending Videos Channel To The Chromecast [Android]

You can subscribe to channels like HBO Go or broadcast your favorite shows from Netflix to Chromecast. Oddly enough, the YouTube app that has excellent support for Chromecast has no feature that would allow you to view all trending videos and all recently uploaded videos by channels you’ve subscribed to on your TV. You pretty much have to manually create playlist of the videos you want to watch and there appears to be no concept of a personal channel. Trending Videos Cast is a free Android app that will automatically find trending videos, and videos from r/videos, and broadcast them to your TV.

Open Trending Videos Cast and connect it to your Chromecast. Once you’re connected, the app will load all available content that you can watch. There is a section for Random videos, comedy,where most videos seem to come from ComedyCentral, and r/videos. Tap the play button on a video to start watching or tap the plus button to add a video to the queue.

Trending Videos Cast Trending Videos Cast-play

Trending Videos Cast falls somewhere between a good idea and a work in progress. Conceptually, it would be far better if it could connect with a user’s YouTube account and automatically play the newest content that has been uploaded by the channels a user follows. Instead, it relies on what’s trending and some of the more popular sources of trending videos to give you something to watch. It also requires a user to select videos instead of just playing all videos from a specific source.

The app is buggy and takes a few tries to connect to the Chromecast. The interface shows no indication of which video is playing or if one is even playing and is in dire need of improvement. That said, it’s still one of the more unique concepts as far as Chromecast apps go so hopefully the developer will improve it.

Install Trending Videos Cast From The Google Play Store

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