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All-In-One Toolbox: Get Core Android Optimization Tools Under One Hood

If you feel that your Android is burdened with loads of apps, cached content, tweaks, useless startup services et al, and are hence looking for a comprehensive system optimization tool for your device, then you must consider giving Infomobile’s All-In-One Toolbox a try. Available in the Google Play Store for free, this multilingual app vows to be your one-stop solution for optimizing and repairing almost every aspect of your Android, including CPU usage, RAM management, system storage, startup processes & tasks, file management, battery consumption, system & apps cache, and the overall performance. In addition, it brings to the table several handy utilities, using which you can batch un/install apps, move apps to SD card (and vice versa), add and/or remove apps from system startup, view detailed system information, specify a whitelist of apps to exclude during optimization, and clean up your call logs & SMS history. That’s not all; All-In-One Toolbox also supports a slick homescreen widget that make accessing and availing the app’s core features a 1-tap affair, literally.

All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Info All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Processes

In all, All-In-One Toolbox is a powerful combination of as many as 14 different Android optimization tools that you can utilize to give your device a much-needed performance boost. Though not the only app of its kind in the market, All-In-One Toolbox offers enough sought-after tools that would otherwise require the user to install multiple standalone apps. The interface of the app may not be entirely Holo-themed, but it’s certainly easy on the eyes, graphically rich, and offers the most important features right at your fingertips.

All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Tools All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Whitelist

Below is the complete list of the various features supported by the app:

  • 1-tap Quick Boost to free up and get the most out of your Android’s limited system resources
  • Comprehensive system information supplemented with graphics about RAM, ROM, CPU & SD Card usage & battery status
  • Option to filter out, as well as kill processes that are needlessly consuming CPU, RAM or battery the most
  • 4-way system cleaner to wipe device cache, app history, Call/SMS log and SD card (cache) with a tap
  • Built-in file manager
  • App2SD to move apps from system memory to SD card, and vice versa
  • Batch app installer and uninstaller utility, with auto-detection of APKs stored anywhere on device storage

All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Batch-Install All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Startup All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-App2SD

  • 2-way system startup manager that allows adding custom apps to the startup process list and lets you remove unwanted system & user processes
  • 2-way whitelist manager to specify user and system apps that you want to be kept from killing during system optimization
  • Sneak peek into the current RAM usage via notification panel widget
  • 1-tap buttons for system boost, cache clean, history wipe and SD card via homescreen widget, with additional button to jump directly to any required utility

All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Widget1 All-In-One-Toolbox-Android-Widget2

It must be mentioned here that, in terms of battery optimization, All-In-One Toolbox only displays the current battery level and temperature. To get your hands on all the battery-specific advanced options, you must have Infomobile’s Battery Booster app installed on your device. Said app, just like All-In-One Toolbox, is free and can be downloaded at the link below.

Download Infomobile All-In-One Toolbox For Android

Download Infomobile Battery Booster For Android

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