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TweetLine Is A Holo Themed Feature-Packed Twitter Client For Android

All the alluring mods and hacks apart, another thing that seems to be available to Android fanboys in abundance is the sheer amount of Twitter and weather apps. Talking of the former, the quality and number of features offered by several third-party Twitter clients seem to be continuously on the rise, as we just recently saw with OneLouder Apps’ chock-a-block offering in the form of Slices for Twitter. Although not as comprehensive as Slices, TweetLine by XDA member HappyDr0id is yet another promising unofficial Twitter client for Android that seems to tick almost all the boxes that an app needs to, in order to qualify as the default Twitter app on your Android. Currently in beta, TweetLine sports a gorgeously designed Holo theme that comes in as many as four different shades. In terms of features, the app supports almost all the conventional Twitter tools, such as tweeting, re-tweeting, direct messages, inline preview of embedded content, selection of default image hosting service for photo uploads, bit.ly integration for auto-shortening of URLs, auto-completion for @Mentions, detailed profile management, built-in search support, clipboard monitoring, in-app navigation via volume rocker, customizable notifications and several other subtle adjustments. Besides all said features, TweetLine supports several other other noteworthy options of its own that we shall explore past the break.


First thing that you observe with TweetLine is its swift response to your interactions and an intuitive UI that helps users with navigating to the core Twitter aspects right from their Android devices. The interface is free of any needless modifications and everything seems to be available right at your fingertips immediately at launch. There is the option to adjust the app’s font size as per convenience, and the support for assigning a custom color bar to each different user helps you easily identify tweets from a specific user. Image attachments can be previewed as thumbnails, as well as in full-screen.


Tapping a specific personal message, Timeline entry or @Mentions activates an action bar, complete with content-intensive tools that let you easily respond to the selected item in various ways. By default, long-pressing an entry takes you to the ‘Respond’ screen; however, you can alter this action as you like. Various options available in this regard include re-tweeting, previewing the entire conversation or embedded links, checking the user profile, adding content to favorite, sharing the tweet, or copying its content to clipboard. Although TweetLine currently doesn’t support posting longer than 140-character tweets like several other apps, its tweeting section lets you attach photos, shorten embedded URLs, save messages as drafts and autocomplete user names when composing new tweets. On the other hand, the app may not allow you to modify the home screen columns to access your favorite Twitter sections, but it does support pull-to-refresh for each of the supported three columns: Timeline, Mention and Messages.


Head over to the app’s settings screen and you shall be able lay your hands on several customizable options that comprise the following:

  • Selection of a custom theme from true dark, dark, light and a blend of light & dark
  • Toggle for displaying the source of tweets on home screen
  • Slider for adjusting default text size
  • Toggle for displaying number of new tweets upon refresh, and the mode of display time view (long or short)
  • Selection of custom colors for tweets, as well as for embedded links
  • Toggle for remembering position of last read tweet, and securing tweets via SSL
  • Option to mute select tweets by applying various filters, such as @username, #hashtags or expressions
  • Toggles and customization for notification types and recheck duration
  • Selection of preferred re-tweet method (native re-tweet or re-tweet with a comment)
  • Selection of default image hosting service from Twitter, TwitPic, Yfrog and Lockerz
  • Sneak peek into your remaining API requests


Being still in development phase, TweetLine is currently lacking several much sought-after features that are likely to be included within the package in the coming updates. These include an even expanded pool of image uploading services, TwitLonger integration to post longer tweets, multi-account support, option to import/export personal preference, tablet-optimized UI, homescreen widgets and plenty more.

Download TweetLine For Android

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. Except that Twitter all but announced that they would be killing off apps which essentially replace their client.

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