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Benchmark & Calibrate Your Android Device’s Battery With Battery Kit

Most smartphones are notorious for their rather inadequate battery life. Although manufacturers are trying to overcome this nuisance by making bigger and long lasting batteries, heavy mobile users who stream media, browse the web and use social media services on their smartphones a lot have a hard time going through the whole day on a single charge. This is where battery saving apps come handy and let users get the most out of their phone’s batteries by analyzing their performance and turning off unused mobile features. Battery Kit is one such Android app that carries many advanced features such as the ability to detect wake locks, calibrate the battery, view various useful stats, perform benchmark testing and more.

You might not like Battery Kit’s interface, but it’s fairly functional at what it does. The big bold buttons make it easy to navigate between the different menus and screens of the app. Battery Kit’s strength lies in its advanced benchmarking tool that helps you assess your battery’s performance by putting it through a series of audio, video and browsing tests. The app drains the battery until it reaches 15% threshold, followed by presenting you with the test results. You can, of course, choose specific device features such as Wifi, Bluetooth, mobile data, auto brightness etc. to be enabled or disabled  before commencing the test.

Battery Kit_Mainq Battery Kit_Test Battery Kit_Controls

If it’s an audio or video test, you can also specify output volume. Likewise, the browser test comprises of uninterrupted page reloads. Once a test is complet, Battery Kit displays statistical data about battery consumption, giving you an insight on how your battery might perform in everyday situations.

Besides the included benchmark tools, you can also view other statistical information such as charge history, and wake locks that are caused by processes, network, CPU or kernel etc.

Battery Kit_Test IN progress Battery Kit_Results Battery Kit_History

You can also set a notification to be displayed when the battery is fully charged, which can help you know when to unplug your device from the charger. The Pro version also has a built-in battery calibrator that lets you recalibrate your battery after instances such as flashing a new ROM. Battery Kit also monitors your battery’s health, letting you keep an eye on its operating temperature to keep its performance from getting too degraded.

Battery Kit_Char Battery Kit-History Battery Kit_Wakelocks

If you’re looking for an advanced battery app, Battery Kit is definitely worth giving a shot.

Install Battery Kit from Play Store (Free)

Install Battery Kit Pro from Play Store (Paid)


  1. I installed pro version and I regret it. System settings gives average user adequate information. Did nothing to optimize my battery usage I didn’t already know.

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