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Calendar Pro: All-In-One Journal, To-Do List & Notes App For Android

If your daily routine involves handling and keeping track of a lot of events, to-do lists, tasks, notes and reminders etc. on the move, you might be in search of a comprehensive personal schedule management app for your smartphone. Cloud sync support and an intuitive interface are two important aspects to consider for such an app, and those are exactly what Calendar Pro delivers. Fresh to the Play Store, Calendar Pro aims to be the only calendar and personal journals, notes, to-do lists, reminders, events and activity management app you’ll ever need on your Android device. Sporting an uncluttered UI, the app comes with Google Calendar and Facebook integration to let you sync your events and friends’ birthdays. In addition, it also comes with extensive weather details for multiple locations, horoscopes, themes, a unified view for daily activities, and plenty of other options.


Besides being a very useful personal scheduling app, Calendar Pro excels at letting you view and manage all your events, to-do lists, notes, days, weather pages and horoscopes from their respective sections in an interface that’s both comprehensive and easy to grasp. The calendar offers a month view as well as a day view to see your detailed agenda for that day.


Each data category supported by the app can be easily identified on the calendar with the help of a dedicated icon. Tapping a particular date displays the entire day’s agenda, complete with the events, notes and reminders set for the day. The + button at the top-right can be used to add a new To-do list, Event, Note, Birthday, Anniversary or Countdown to the select date.

All data added under each category can be viewed in the form of a list in a couple of ways; you may use the quick shortcuts at the bottom of the calendar screen, or use the app’s sidebar by hitting the menu button. Along with each supported category, you get quite a few additional management options. For instance, for birthday reminders, you get to set relevant reminders, time zones and priorities, and you can also share the event via SMS or email.


Your personal notes can have custom titles, images, due dates, locations and additional description under user-defined categories (notebooks). Plus, you can search for notes by keywords and share them with your contacts. Countdowns can be customized in terms of date, time zones, counter, reminders, priorities and repeat intervals, whereas anniversaries come with the additional option to specify addresses and invitees.

For your events, you can specify the start & end time, reminders, recurring tasks, addresses, invitees & custom colors, and sync them with Google Calendars. The To-do lists, on the other hand, can be viewed and managed as per their respective categories, complete with the checkboxes for items list, and relevant reminders.


Another handy utility of Calendar Pro is its weather feature that can be used to monitor current and 4-day weather conditions of multiple locations from all across the globe. For each city added to the list, you are presented with its present temperature, wind speed & direction, humidity level, cloud condition and trending weather forecast.


The app automatically assumes the last viewed weather location as your current location, and displays relevant weather information on the calendar accordingly. The same applies to the horoscopes as well. That is, once you select a specific zodiac, the app will assume it as your preferred one and will keep cycling updated information on the calendar accordingly.


That’s not all, the app lets you select a custom theme, default start screen view (month or day), default weather units, notepad lock via custom password and various notification preferences from the main settings screen. You also get the option to backup your personal app data locally, as well as on cloud.

Calendar Pro is available in the Play Store as a free app that comes with a few feature restrictions. However, through in-app purchasing, you can upgrade to the Calendar Pro Premium monthly or yearly account to get your hands on the following features:

  • Unrestricted content backup
  • Additional themes
  • Ad-free UI
  • Support for importing Facebook friends’ birthdays
  • Seamless Google Calendar sync
  • Personalized account logos, and lots more

Download Calendar Pro For Android


  1. Unfortunately this article doesn’t mention the costs to upgrade to the ability to sync with Google calendar of $3.99 / mo or $36 / yr! Unbelievable. Uninstalled.

  2. Unfortunately it lacks here: only one Google calendar to sync (personally I use three, three g-accounts, besides the smartphone’s one), no widgets.. uninstalled.

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