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Have Chrome Remember Playback Position For YouTube Videos With Video Resumer

Last year, we covered a Firefox add-on called ResumeLater that allowed you to pause a YouTube video and resume it from the same point even after restarting the browser. Think of it as dog earring the page of a book. Video Resumer is a Chrome extension that does the same thing but it is far more convenient to use. The Firefox extension required you to manually save the point to resume playback from. Video Resumer works in the background and you will never know it’s there. You can watch videos at your leisure and close them without a second thought. When you next open that same videos, it will load from where you left off.

Install the extension and enjoy your YouTube videos like you did before. Any time you close a video when it hasn’t played till the end, opening it again will have it resume from that very same place. There isn’t so much as a button or a click involved in the whole process.

video resumer

One of the main things that makes Video Resumer better than Resume Later and other similar extensions is that it appears to add a sense of intelligence to YouTube. When you’re marking your position in a video manually, it doesn’t feel like a convenient thing to do. Video Resumer is a cut above the others because of the seamless way it works.

There will be times when you don’t want it to remember where you left off seeing a video; for example, when you watched something half way through or just a few minutes of it and later decided to pursue it from the start.  However, most would consider this a small price to pay for the convenience that the extension provides. One solution to this could be adding a time threshold, allowing the user to specify how long into a video should the extension remember its position. Adding the option to manually save the resume position might not be a bad idea either, though it’s something that should be on the back burner.

Note that the extension will remember resume points for videos even after the browser has restarted, and you don’t have to pause before closing a video to have it remember its position.

Install Video Resumer From Chrome Web Store


  1. But I’ve seen this happen to me but with no add-on!! strange? perhaps youtube implemented that already! In several videos I’ve watch and leave in the middle then come back to that video and it start from where I left of. Anyone seen this?

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