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Bookmark YouTube Videos & Resume Playback From Where You Left Off [Firefox]

Often, while watching YouTube videos, we need to close the video because something important comes up or we have to be somewhere. Such situations can be quite annoying, especially when you know that if you close the video, you won’t remember where you exactly left off. Only a few weeks back, we covered a Chrome extension called Pause For Later that allowed you to pause videos and save them for watching later. ResumeLater is a similar Firefox add-on that lets you bookmark videos on YouTube and resume playback right from where you stopped it.  After installing the add-on, simply click the button in the status bar to pause and save videos in a pop-up, along with the time elapsed information. You can then access all your saved videos by clicking the resumeLater icon in the status bar and enjoy them later.

When listening to music or watching videos on YouTube, if you suddenly have to shut down your computer and go somewhere, simply click the button in the status-bar to pause videos and resume later when you have enough time.


Compared to the Chrome extension we mentioned at the start, this Firefox add-on is very basic and the room for improvement is great. ResumeLater does not have a service supporting it at the back end and saves your marked videos to your browser. It has no other options available other than to just play or remove a video and it is exclusively available for YouTube.

Compared to the native YouTube feature to watch videos later, this add-on lets you view the list of videos you postponed watching without having to log in to any sort of service but the list will only be available to you across Firefox browsers if you have sync set up. This can result in limited accessibility and it probably why having a service at the backend can be immensely beneficial. Smaller changes that can make the add-on better is if the video list presented by ResumeLater could show the video’s thumbnail.

resumeLater is a nifty little tool that enhances the way you watch YouTube videos. With it, you will never lose track of videos and will be able to watch them from right where you left off. The add-on is perfect for all the music junkies out there who are regular users of Firefox. Install the add-on from the link below, give it a try and let us know what you think!

Install resumeLater Add-On For Firefox

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