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Chirp Comes To Android; Shares Photos, Notes & URLs Through Sound

Initially released for iOS almost a year back, the innovative file transfer app Chirp has finally found its way to Android. The app lets you share pictures, notes, and links with other users in a simple and quick manner that seems like an evolution of QR code scanning. Chirp simply uses unique audio signals for every file being shared, allowing all listening devices to download the file, and all of this is achieved over the web, without the use of any accounts or a common network. However, Facebook and Twitter accounts can be added for a more social experience. For a closer look at how the app works, read on after the break!

Chirp 07 Chirp 01

The main page shows a feed of all the items received or sent. The interface is simple and any interaction with the elements is well defined. While Chirp is running, the device’s mic is actively listening for incoming ‘chirps’. You can see that in the sound waves being graphed on the top of the screen. Tap the app’s icon beside it to bring up a full screen graph.

Chirp 09 Chirp 14 Chirp 10

To share a new item, hit the ‘+’ button to choose the type of file you want to share, and once it has been selected and uploaded, hit the big yellow ‘chirp’ button to share with devices in the vicinity. Yes, it is that easy. If you have your Twitter or Facebook accounts set up, your profile particulars will also be transferred, letting other Chirp users know who shared the file.

Chirp 15 Chirp 11 Chirp 13

Items that you shared as well as those that were shared with you can be saved to local storage from the feed at any time. You will notice that pictures and notes in Chirp are stamped with a unique URL. You can use these links to directly access these items via your mobile device, or computer.

To remove existing shares and downloaded items from the main page, hit the ‘x’ button in the ribbon at the bottom. All items can now now be individually removed by tapping the delete buttons that appear over them.

Chirp 05 Chirp 06

Once your device catches a chirp, it will download the received item from the web and list it on the main page. To save images to the Gallery or to copy notes and URLs to the clipboard, tap the received chirp once and hit the corresponding button. Want to share it ahead? Hit the ‘chirp’ button below.

It may or may not be a slight challenge to use Chirp in a noisy environment; we didn’t really get to put this to the test. It’s possible that the high-pitched sounds the app emits aren’t all that susceptible to reasonably high ambient noise. Do let us know how the app fared for you.

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