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Comodo Anti-theft: Remotely Track Your Lost Android Phone Through Simple SMS Commands

Privacy and data security is one of the major concerns among smartphone aficionados. Our phones now carry so much of our credentials and personal information that we simply can’t afford to lose them. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and whether you forget your phone at your local bar or someone intentionally steals this precious thing out of your pocket, all your personal data is compromised within a few minutes. Luckily enough, there are now various third-party apps available that give you the ability to pin point a stolen phone’s location, alert the surrounding folks and even remotely wipe-off your personal data from a stolen device. We have covered a number of such apps that provide device tracking and data protection facilities for your Android, including the popular TekTrak (reviewed here). Although this renowned app was shut down, you need not worry, as there are other alternatives to it, like Plan-B (reviewed here) or Bitdefender Mobile Security (reviewed here). Now, computer software security giant Comodo has come up with its own flavor of anti-theft technology, employed in its new app, Comodo Anti-theft. Read on find out how it works.

This nifty little tool aims to track your lost smartphone via simple SMS commands. A set of pre-defined commands can be sent to your device from your any phone to perform various functions, such as locate the lost device, trigger a security alarm, lock it, wipe data or take a photo of the thief.

It’s worth mentioning the the application requires a SIM card before you start configuring it. Once launched, press Activate to run the configuration wizard. The application will tell you about the mainstay features on first launch. Simply press Continue to get to the next step.

Comodo Anti Theft Configuring

To get started, you need to enter a master password for the app (this password will also be used in conjunction with the sent text commands). Input the password along with selection of a Reset Question and Answer, and hit Next.

Setup Wizard

The next step requires inputting your friend’s phone number, as well as an alert message – the latter of which is used to automatically sent a text message to your buddy’s phone if your phone gets stolen and someone switches its SIM card. At the end of the wizard, the app will give you a short summary of your configured settings. Simply press Done to complete the process.

Friend's No Wizard Complete

To trigger any command, you need to send the command as text message to your own device. For instance, should you want to lock the device, simply send lock#yourpassword, and the app will instantly lock your device. Likewise, you can send other commands using the same format, the complete list of which can be seen from within the app.

Location Alert Alert

You may also head to Settings from the home screen to toggle a few application specific options. For example, Modify password, change Buddy number, enable Remote Wipe and Remote capture options etc.


In a nutshell, Comodo Anti-theft is fabulous app that can help you find your lost droid or remotely wipe out personal data before any unintended hands get a hold of it. You can download the application directly to your device via the Google Play download link, or by using the QR-code, both of which are provided below.

Download Comodo Anti-theft


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