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You Can Now Download ADB And Fastboot As Stand Alone Tools

We’ve covered quite a few Android guides on AddictiveTips. Many are for flashing ROMs, rooting devices, or forcing a firmware update on your device. Often, an integral step in these guides involves unlocking your bootloader and then flashing a ROM or the new firmware via ADB and Fastboot. In order to do this, you have to install Android Studio. Without it, you cannot unlock the bootloader or flash a ROM. The thing is, Android Studio is a pretty large set of development tools when you only need to download ADB and Fastboot. Google has now made the ADB and Fastboot tools available for direct download so that you no longer have to download Android Studio just to get these two tools.

Download ADB & Fastboot for Darwin, Linux, and Windows. Clicking on these links will start the download immediately.

These tools are pretty much all you need if you only intend to slightly modify your Android device. If nothing else, the very formidable looking interface of Android Studio might scare anyone new to modding Android off. With access to just the two basic tools that are needed, things are much simpler.

You also won’t lose any disk space like you normally would after installing Android Studio but most importantly, this will make sure you have an authentic, virus free, version of ADB and Fastboot.

Previously users looking to download ADB and Fastboot often had to trust the versions available from third-party websites and repositories. The tools might have been safe, or they might have been laced with malware. With the tools now officially available to download, users will no longer have to risk running potentially dangerous apps on their systems.

It is astounding how long it took for Google to see the light but as they say, better late than never.

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