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Easily Create GO Launcher EX Themes Right On Your Android Device

The excellent theme support of GO Launcher EX has always received a lot of praise by its users, but there has never been a newbie-friendly way of creating your own themes for the launcher. All of that has changed now, with the release of GO Launcher Theme Maker. As the name of the app suggests, it lets users make a custom theme including including icons, docks, folders, icon size and more. The app also gives you control over colors, transparency, rotation etc. and you can add stickers via pictures or icon packs downloadable through the app, or simply draw an icon by yourself. The possibilities are quite endless and you can end up creating some stunningly original designs. More so, all themes created via this app can be uploaded to a Themes Hub, which means you have access to themes created by other GO Launcher Theme Maker users. Such crowdsourced theming was earlier seen in Buzz Launcher, though GO Launcher Theme Maker employs a rather basic and simple approach. Let’s take a closer look at how the app works, right after the jump!

Go Launcher Theme Maker 04 Go Launcher Theme Maker 05 Go Launcher Theme Maker 06

You can start by either downloading user-uploaded themes from the Theme Hub and editing them, or create a new theme from scratch. Themes Hub does not have a variety of options, but basic ones such as sharing and voting have been included, along with the ability to sort themes according to various criteria.

Go Launcher Theme Maker 08 Go Launcher Theme Maker 1 Go Launcher Theme Maker 1

From your home screen to the app drawer, you can design and draw all elements of GO Launcher EX. Upon first use, the app will tell you exactly what you can customize, and to what extent. To change an element, simply tap it once to bring up the relevant customization options, which will appear in a ribbon at the top.

Go Launcher Theme Maker 14 Go Launcher Theme Maker 11 Go Launcher Theme Maker 13

The icon and background sets, or ‘kuramees’ according to the app, can be downloaded easily and become available once installed, just like the sets that are originally bundled with the app.

Go Launcher Theme Maker 15 Go Launcher Theme Maker 16 Go Launcher Theme Maker 17

If you want to further customize the kuramee, simply place the kuramee where you want and then hit the ‘Edit’ button. Do note that some elements may not be editable in the free version.

Go Launcher Theme Maker 22 Go Launcher Theme Maker 24 Go Launcher Theme Maker 21

A mix of color fills, sticker add-ons, color tweaks, text tweaks and the like can really yield some beautiful results, provided you have the patience for it. Functions like pinch-to-zoom are supported as well, and there’s a handy pin handle that can be used to rotate and resize the element you’re editing.

Go Launcher Theme Maker 07 Go Launcher Theme Maker 30 Go Launcher Theme Maker 31

Once a theme is saved, you can choose to upload it to the Themes Hub in order to share it with the community. The app will prompt you to create an APK package for it. All installed themes can then be found in the GO Launcher themes menu under the ‘installed’ category, just like any other installed themes for the launcher.

Install GO Launcher Theme Maker from Play Store (Free)

Install GO Launcher Theme Maker – PRO from Play Store (Paid)

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