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Easily Download Different Google Apps Packages On Android With EasyGApps

If you have ever flashed a major ROM such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, Slim Bean etc. on your Android device, you’d already know that they don’t include Google apps (Play Store, Maps, Gmail etc.) and that you have to flash a Google Apps package (referred to GApps) in addition to the ROM itself, in order to get the Google part of Android (which is technically not a part of the Android OS itself). The process isn’t exactly difficult, as you simply need to do one more flashing operation from recovery when you’re already there to perform the ROM installation. However, there are various Google Apps packages available out there, including universal ones as well as those custom-built for particular ROMs or their derivatives. Finding the latest version of the right Google Apps package when you need it may not be a hassle, but there’s still no consolidated source that can point you to all of them. Not anymore, thanks to EasyGApps by XDA-Developers Senior Member MBQ_. This Android app serves as a one-stop shop for all your GApps needs, and lets you download official GApps as well as BaNKs, Slim and PA versions from their respective sources without having to search for, remember or bookmark them individually.

When you launch the EasyGApps, you’ll be greeted with its practically empty main interface. Though tap on the hamburger navigation icon at the top-left, and you’ll be able to select the different GApps from the navigation menu. Once selected, its official source will open within the app, from where you can browse all the available versions and download the desired one.

EasyGApps for Android 1 EasyGApps for Android 2

As you can see above, the page you get for the Official GApps package the same as what you’d get when visiting its official downloads page at goo.im/gapps in your browser. Same goes for the other GApps packages available in the app.

From the menu, you can learn more about the app, change its own theme (not the theme of the GApps you’ll be downloading) among various options available, toggle hardware acceleration for the app, and exit it when you’re done. The themes and hardware acceleration options seem to be overkill for a simple app like this, but they can be considered as being there for novelty reasons.

EasyGApps for Android 3 EasyGApps for Android 4

Once your desired Google Apps package has been downloaded, you can easily flash it just the regular way using a custom recovery such as TWRP or ClockworkMod.

EasyGApps is in active development, and you can also help improve the app by reporting bugs, making requests, and getting in touch with the developer via his website from the navigation drawer. The app was published at Play Store but Google took it down for obvious reasons. You can still download it as an APK and manually sideload it to your device for installation.

Download EasyGApps APK

[via XDA-Developers]

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