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Espier Dialer iOS7 Replicates The iOS 7 Phone App On Android

Espier is a famous Android developer known for creating near-perfect replicas of the iOS interface in form of Android apps. Previously, we’ve covered their various apps such as Espier Notification Center, Espier Launcher iOS 7, and Espier Screen Locker, just to mention a few. Espier Dialer iOS7 is yet another effort made by the developer to bring an iOS 7-esque dialer and contacts app to Google’s mobile operating system. The result is a beautiful contact management application that looks identical to Apple’s latest iOS offering, and tries to bring the same features to Android. Details after the jump.

The basic functionality of Espier Dialer comprises of a straightforward dialer app that lets you make phone calls, either via dialing the number or choosing it from your contacts or call log. It carries five tabs at the bottom named Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and More. The Keypad looks very elegant and functional. The rounded buttons bring a fresh feel to the otherwise mostly rectangular or plain-looking numerals found in the user interface of most Android phone apps.

The Favorites section carries your favorited (starred) contacts for quick access, while Recents brings up the call log. Similarly, the Contacts section presents you with an iOS-replica contact book to go with the dialer. If you’re wondering what More does, it’s just a shortcut to let you download a collection of sponsored apps from third-party developers.

Espier Dialer iOS7 Espier Dialer iOS7_Settings

The Settings screen consists of a few toggles that let you enable or disable the following options:

  • Keyboard Clicks
  • T9 Intelligent Search
  • Incoming Call Page
  • Outgoing Call Page

There’s also an option to remove third-party app recommendations, although for that, you will have to shell out your money for a paid license.

The Incoming and Outgoing call section, when enabled from settings, overrides the default incoming and outgoing call screen of Android. On my Galaxy S4, I got the options for Mute, Dialpad, Speaker, Add call, FaceTime (though it was actually disabled by default) and Contacts, all in a pretty authentic iOS 7-like interface.

Espier Dialer iOS7_Outgoing

Overall, Espier Dialer iOS 7 is an excellent app for those who want to make their Android phone look like an iOS device. So far, it’s the only Play Store app that offers such functionality in a free package. You can download it via the link provided below.

Install Espier Dialer iOS7

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