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Export Your Firefox Profile From A Non-Rooted Device To Your Desktop [Android]

Android users are divided into two categories; those that root their devices, and those that do not. The debate to root or not to root centers on points like warranty, unlocking the real power of your device, removing bloatware, risking a bricked device, and overclocking it to its death. Regardless of which side you root for (pun intended), the fact is that Android users with a rooted device can do more than those with a non-rooted device. One such limitation is accessing protected files such as your Firefox profile. Fortunately, there is a very simple way of exporting and saving it to your desktop without needing to root your device. Here’s how.

You will need to have Firefox for Android installed on your phone, in addition to an email app (we used Gmail), and an app that lets you browse files and can zip folders. We used File Manager by Gira.me. Open Firefox on your Android device and go to the Add-on Marketplace.

Search for and install the add-on Copy Profile (linked at the end of this post). We briefly reviewed this add-on in a list of ten useful add-ons for Firefox for Android. It saves a copy of your Firefox profile to /sdcard. Tap the More button and under Tools, you will see a Copy Profile option. The add-on will copy your Firefox profile to /sdcard/mozilla_profile.

ff_android_tools ff_android_copy_profile

Using the File Manager app, open /sdcard, tap and hold the Mozilla_profile folder to select it. With the folder selected, tap the more button and choose Compress. Move the compressed file to your Internal Memory.

Finally, to get the compressed file on your desktop, mail it to yourself as an attachment, or upload it to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can then download the file on your desktop and do with it whatever you want.

There are other ways to get your Mozilla_profile folder on your desktop; some require root access while others require apps installed on your PC. This is the simplest way to do it and it’s free.

Install Copy Profile For Firefox Android


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