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How To Fix PUBG Naked Avatar On Mobile

Player Unknowns’ Battleground is a popular game from 2017 that was released for Android and iOS this year. The mobile version of the game has been a hit though iPhone owners with dated handsets might be unhappy to learn their devices aren’t supported. The mobile version of the game has its problems and they’re being ironed out. When you start playing the mobile version of the game, you will notice that your avatar never gets dressed. The PUBG naked avatar is something that appears to be a bug but actually isn’t.

PUBG Naked Avatar

We’re talking about the mobile version of the app here. The desktop/PC version of this game did at one point have a bug that resulted in a naked avatar however that bug has since been fixed. The PUBG naked avatar on mobile isn’t a bug. It’s a, dare we say it, feature. Your avatar, when you first set it up is in its underpants. You can choose a gender, skin color, and hair. This bit is typical of most games on both PC and mobile but the similarity stops there. You do not progress to a screen where you can pick a pair of pants or a t-shirt.

Getting Dressed

You’re expected to play in your undies, parachute down to your drop point in your undies, kill someone in your undies, and loot crates for clothes. In most cases, you will be able to find a pair of combat boots by just searching buildings but a pair of pants is hard to come by.

The people who drop with you, or the ones you see just before a match begins are a combination of dressed, undressed, and semi-dressed. If you don’t feel like playing in just your underwear, you can always buy clothes with real money.

Once you find a crate that has clothes in it, your PUBG naked avatar will be clothed to the extent that clothes are available and it will be saved. The next time you log into the game, your avatar will be dressed. It’s a bit of a distraction really considering people are shooting at you and you want to get dressed before you die but it adds a bit to the humor of the game. Also, clothes don’t generally give you the ability to carry more items, or increase your health. Only special items like armor will give you better protection so choose what you want to spend money on, and what you want to risk your life looting. If you play seven days in a row, you can get a full outfit by collecting the daily rewards that game gives you.

If you’ve linked your game with your Facebook account, progress and your clothes ought to save with it. With guest mode, your avatar should save with clothes as well but the game has its bugs so that’s a bit of a risk. If you plan on playing the game long term, you should link your Facebook account.

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