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How To Randomly Choose A Drop Point For Fortnite And PUBG

The great thing about online multi-player games is that you can play with your friends. The not so nice thing is when you can’t decide on a drop point. If you play either or both Fornight and PUBG and you have difficulty picking a drop point, try using Where to drop. It’s a free web app that will pick a random drop point for Fortnite and PUGB.

You choose which game you need to choose a drop point for, and click the Where to drop button when the map for said game loads. The app will pin a location for everyone to drop on.

Drop Point For Fortnite And PUBG

Visit WhereToDrop and pick the game you’re playing. If you pick PUBG to play, you will have the option to choose either the Erangel or Miramar map. The unreleased Savage map is not featured but will likely be added once it is finally made available to players.

Once you pick a game, and a map, WhereToDrop will  load the map and you have the Wheretodrop.com button that you need to click.

If you look at the border of the map, you will see that it is numbered on the left, and lettered along the top, much like a chess board. These serve as coordinates for the drop point and they correspond to the ones you see on the map. When you need to drop, you can use them to drag out a marker for your drop point.

The app picks random spots and not necessarily marked places on the map. This app works independently of  any and all platforms that you can play these games on so while it can serve as an impartial way to pick a drop point, it can in no way compel your team to actually land there. You all have to agree to honor whatever drop point the app picks, or not use it at all. There are no zoom controls available on the map. You cannot pick a particular part of the map and then have the app pick a drop point there.

Where To Drop doesn’t offer any sort of tactical advantage when picking a drop point so if you have a good reason for dropping on a different spot, you should go with that. This app isn’t anything other than a way to settle an argument. It also doesn’t guide you to the spot you need to drop on. Again, you’re going to have to familiarize yourself with the map and game mechanics, and navigate yourself.

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