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How To Empty Standby Memory And Fix Game Stuttering On Windows 10

If you’re running the Windows 10 Creators Update, or the Fall Creators Update, and playing games on it, there’s a chance you experience game stutter while playing. This happens because of a bug in Windows 10 that causes your standby RAM to fill up for no reason. The game you’re playing may not need additional RAM but that doesn’t stop it from filling up and ultimately slowing your system down so much your game begins to stutter. The quickest way to fix game stuttering is it to empty standby memory. Of course, you will need to do this repeatedly because this is a bug and it will manifest again and again until Microsoft fixes it.

Empty Standby Memory

RAMMap is a utility that shows you how Windows is assigning physical memory and it has tools for clearing memory as well. If you’re looking for a tool that can empty standby memory, this is a good, free option. Simply go to Empty>Empty Standby List, and the stuttering should go away immediately.

As we mentioned early on that cleaning the Standby memory once isn’t enough. It fills up because of a bug and once you clean it, it will fill right back up again. It may take a little time but if this bug manifests on your system it’s not going to go away until it’s patched by Microsoft.

Create Scheduled Task

If you’re playing games then you will need to empty standby memory regularly to make sure there’s no stuttering and a scheduled task is the best way to go about doing this. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to schedule a task to empty standby memory using RAMMap. We recommend using a little app called Empty Standby List.

Empty Standby List is a single-purpose app. Run it, and it will empty standby memory. You can create a task in Task Scheduler that will run this EXE. When you run Empty Standby List, you will see a Command Prompt window appear and disappear after a second. That’s all the app has for an interface i.e., it’s basically just a console app which makes it ideal for use with a scheduled task.

Create the task to run regularly, or to just run when you’re playing a game and keep things clean while you play.

Microsoft is aware of this problem and a patch may be coming in the Spring Creators Update, whenever it rolls out. For now, both Windows 10 1703 and 1708 have this bug.


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