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Generate Your Own Expandable Notifications With Notif For Android Jelly Bean

If you find conventional Android alarm clock, reminder, to-do list and task management apps out there a bit too arduous to work with, and are looking for a faster and simpler solution, here’s an app that might spark your interest. Fresh to the market, Notif is a fully customizable notification generating app for Android Jelly Bean devices. The app lets you create personalized, expandable notifications in as many as four different ways. Designed to take advantage of JB’s rich notification feature, the app can be used to simultaneously add multiple custom notifications to the concerned area on your device in the form of a one-line alert or an expandable notification. In the latter’s case, you have the option to create a notification comprising a custom title and text message, a notification containing a photo, as well one containing a list of items. You have control over everything ranging from the notification icon to the nature (temporary, ongoing, importance-wise), type, number and content of notifications.

Notif-Android-Type1 Notif-Android-Icon

As we’ve previously seen with apps like toastr, Android users do not necessarily need rely on a feature-filled alarm app to stay reminded of their important tasks. While said app displayed custom messages via toast notifications upon screen unlock, Notif brings your device’s notification bar into play to do the same.

Notif-Android-Type2a Notif-Android-Type2b

Another good thing about Notif is that it is as easy to use at its concept actually sounds. As mentioned earlier, a notification can be temporary or ongoing in nature, where ongoing means that it cannot be cleared from the notification panel using the usual swipe-to-dismiss gesture. To clear all your ongoing notifications, you’ll have to hit the dismiss icon at the top of Notif’s home screen (beside the menu icon).

Notif-Android-Type3a Notif-Android-Type3b

For those unaware, an expandable notification, as introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is a type of Android notification that reveals multiple lines of content when dragged down with two fingers. Same is the case with any expandable notifications created with Notif. These notifications can hold photos, multiple lines of text or lists, supplemented with custom icons.

Notif-Android-Type4a Notif-Android-Type4b

Let’s now quickly take a look at each of the four types of notifications that Notif has to offer. The Default notification, the simplest of the lot, can be created using a custom title and content. The Big Text notification can be formed using a custom title, an expanded title and some additional content. For the Big Picture notification, the app lets you add a custom title, an expanded title, some additional text, and a photo of choice. Lastly, for your List notifications, you have the option to specify a custom title, a list summary and, a maximum of seven different items that should appear on the list.

Notif-Android-Settings Notif-Android-Settings2

Notif has both a free and $0.99 variant on the Google Play Store. As of this writing, the only thing that sets the paid version apart from the free one is the comparatively large number of custom icons on offer. The free version features around 20 different icons whereas the Pro version comprises a full set of 200. However, there are plenty of promised features in tow.

Just a reminder for our readers: since Notif is meant to work with Jelly Bean’s rich notification feature, as of now, the app remains exclusive to that particular version of Google’s mobile OS. So, if your device is rocking Android 4.1 or higher, you may download Notif from the Play Store via the links provided below.

Download Notif For Android (Free)

Download Notif Pro For Android (Paid)

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