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Get A Global Start Menu & Windows 8-Style Taskbar In Android

It’s common knowledge that Windows 8 doesn’t sport the Start Button or the Start Menu, though the former is speculated to arrive soon with Windows 8.1. This is apparently the most important feature missing from the new OS, even making many people think twice before switching to Windows 8. But how about having a Windows-esque Start Orb and Start Menu on your smartphone? If you ever wanted to bring Windows-like Start Menu to Android, consider your wish granted in the form of Taskbar – Windows 8 Style. Developed by Root Uninstaller and available on Google Play Store for free, this little app is designed to make multitasking a tad bit easier by bringing app and setting shortcuts to a Windows 8-style start menu that always stays on top of any app or screen that you have open. Once installed, it places a persistent Start button at the bottom-right, tapping which brings up the Start menu with user-specified shortcuts.

Taskbar Taskbar - Windows 8 Style

Once you tap the Start button, you see a very familiar Windows-like Start menu. The app also shows a Taskbar at the bottom, allowing you switch apps on the fly. It also contains application shortcuts for stock apps, but what’s more interesting is that fact that you can easily customize these shortcuts and replace them with the ones you desire. The app also lets you quickly toggle Airplane mode, Wifi and Bluetooth, though you can customize shortcuts to these options as well if required. Speaking of customization, you can tap Settings in the the Start menu to customize the app. You can tinker quite a few different options such as easily enabling or disabling the Taskbar itself, editing the start menu and settings items, and altering its layout.

Tranparency Shortcuts Edit

Lets talk about the layout first. The app lets users change the Taskbar’s transparency and height via the horizontal sliders that give a lot of flexibility and control over the outcome. When it comes to Start menu shortcuts, Taskbar – Windows 8 Style allows you to add custom shortcuts and position them via drag and drop. To add a new shortcut, tap the small drop-down arrow followed by Add New item. Next, simply specify the source application that you wish to use. Similarly, the application allows you to add/remove system setting toggles such as Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth, among others. Lastly, you can control the dimming effect of the Start button as well.

Taskbar – Windows 8 Style is available for free at Google Play Store. You can download it via the link provided below.

Download Taskbar – Windows 8 Style for Android

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  1. Oh, the unbearable irony: An Android app creates a better looking Windows Start Menu than Windows (at least Win8), itself! [grin]

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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