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Get Notifications To Wake Up Your Locked Screen On Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop axed a few features of the OS that had been very popular in the past. Lock screen widgets are a good example but some other, more subtle changes made by Google include notifications no longer waking your screen up when it is locked. For people with newer devices this isn’t too much of a big deal because if their device has the supported hardware, they can just tap the screen to wake it up. For users with older devices, and the Nexus 5 is one of these older ones, it’s a different story. Your device will buzz and ring, or pop, when you receive a new notification but you have to use the power button to wake it up. Glimpse Notification is a free Android app that will wake your screen even if it’s locked each time you get a notification. The app does not require root access.

Open Glimpse Notification and grant it access to your notifications, and then enable it. The app has a really useful ‘Pocket mode’ that will detect if your phone is in your pocket and, if it is, it won’t wake up the screen when a notification is received.

Glimpse Notifications Glimpse Notifications_on

Glimpse Notification also has a Do Not Disturb mode which will disable screen wake for a custom time range. Additionally, you can also blacklist apps so that notifications received from them do not wake the screen.

Glimpse Notifications_quiet Glimpse Notifications_apps

Glimpse Notification does not feature any ads and it doesn’t have any additional/extra features that you need to unlock by paying a price. Needless to say, this app is meant for devices running Android Lollipop so it won’t be compatible with devices running anything older.

Install Glimpse Notification From The Google Play Store


  1. e.cayazzo: make sure you select some apps. By default, no app is selected in the white list and thus no notification will trigger a wake up. The next version will default to using a black list (but keep a white list mode).

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