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Check If A Movie Is Critically Acclaimed Or A Commercial Success

When Twilight, the movie, first came out its IMDb rating was through the roof. As more and more of the book’s fanbase rated the movie, its score seemed to get better. It broke records and the franchise was a commercial success. It wasn’t until more people saw the movie and gave it a more realistic rating that the IMDb page finally reflected it to be a mediocre movie at best. By then, too many of us had lost those precious hours of our life that could have been spent doing literally anything else. What that proved was that even IMDb and RottenTomato ratings can fail us. Meet the Pretentious O Meter created by Niall Beard. It’s a simple little web app that analyzes IMDb and RottenTomato ratings alongside the critical acclaim a film has to tell you whether it’s good or just a commercial success.

The app is pretty easy to use; enter a movie name, select whether you want to use IMDb or RottenTomatoes, or both when analysing the movie, and hit Go.


The results are shown on a meter  that measures how well it was received in the market vs. by the critics (the pretentious end of the meter). The movie’s ratings are displayed on a bar and color coded to classify it as a great film, an average film, or a rubbish film. A movie can be assigned these categories and lie on either end of this spectrum.


It’s fairly good at helping you judge a movie’s entertainment value.  It’s a bit slow to load results and occasionally won’t rate a movie unless you refresh the page but good overall.

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