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Get iOS Like Assistive Touch On Your Android Phone

Android is no stranger to soft or floating keys and there are many apps in the Google Play store that add differen types soft keys to your device. You won’t find similar options for iOS but soft keys come packaged as an accessibility feature of the OS. Most iPhone users will be familiar with Assistive Touch if their home button is or has been faulty at some point. Assistive Touch for Android is a free Android app that adds a floating button to your device’s screen. It is built to replicate Assistive Touch on iOS and does a decent job of it. Be warned though, the app has ads that like to sneak up on you. They do not appear when you’re using the app but will pop up a lot when you’re setting the app up.

Open Assistive Touch for Android and enable it. The floating button appears on your screen. By default, its appearance is the same as that on iOS but a Background and Icon option in the app allow you to create a different look for the button. The Settings button is where you can edit the ‘buttons’ that appear in the button’s panels. The buttons include; Home, Settings, Lock, Wi-Fi, etc.

Assistive Touch for Android Assistive Touch for Android_settings

The floating panels mimic Assistive Touch on iOS but the buttons are very different. Assistive Touch for Android includes a Clean button that will clear your RAM alongside buttons for locking the device or just hitting the Home key. The settings button lets you access device related toggles for screen orientation, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, volume, location, etc.

Assistive Touch for Android3 Assistive Touch for Android1

Assistive Touch for Android does a good job of imitating the look and flow of Assistive Touch but it needs to offer better buttons. Most buttons that the app shows are accessible from the Notification Center in Android Lollipop. There is no screenshot button, or a button to bring up Google Now which would make it far better. Overall, it’s a good attempt.

Install Assistive Touch for Android From The Google Play Store


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