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How To Customize The Display Size In Android 7.0

Large HD screens have become a feature that phones and tablets alike compete on. Users factor in the pixel density and the physical size of a screen when they buy a device. A larger screen means you can view more content on it and a better display means everything looks better. Of course sharper displays mean the app icons and the text appear much smaller. Android 7.0 comes with a display size customization feature that lets you zoom in on your display. The feature essentially enlarges text and app icons making them easier to navigate. Here’s how to customize the display size in Android 7.0.

Open the Settings app and go to Display. Scroll down and tap on ‘Display Size’.

The Display Size can’t be set freely. You have five sizes you can choose from; small, default, large, larger, and largest. Simply tap one of the marked points on the slider on the Display Size screen to change the size. Swipe the ‘Preview’ panel to see how text, the app drawer, and the Settings app will look in the selected display size.

android display setttings android display size

Changing the level that the slider is set to will change the display size. You don’t need to do anything else to enable or enforce the change. The difference is most noticeable when dealing with text. The two screenshots below show the home screen in the default display size and the largest display size available. The app icons are noticeably larger and the Google Search bar is a lot thicker to accommodate the larger text size. Icons in the status bar are likewise much bigger.

android default display android display largest

Display size is restricted in how large or small it can get. If you prefer to keep the app icons their original size but would still prefer to have the text appear bigger, consider changing the Font Size in the Display settings tab instead of changing the Display size.


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