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How To Sync Your Dictionary & Learned Words Between Android Devices

A good keyboard is defined by how much easier it makes typing, how well it picks up on your spelling errors, how accurately it can predict the word you want to type next, and how responsive it is. Android users have a large number of third-party keyboards they can try out until they find the perfect fit. For every keyboard you try, there will be a small period when you break it in first and teach it how you type. That is really the only challenge if you like everything else about it but this is also where it’s a good idea to just stick with the default Google Keyboard on your Android device. The keyboard can save the words it learns from you as you type and sync them to all other Android devices that are connected to your account. Here’s how you can enable dictionary syncing between Android devices.

To enable dictionary sync, visit the link at the very end of this post. Make sure you’re signed into the same account you’ve used on your Android device. Select which language you use and your input tool, and click ‘Done’.


Open the Settings app on your Android phone. Go to Language & Input and select Google Keyboard. Tap Dictionary and enable ‘Sync learned words’. You will be asked to select which Google account you want to sync the dictionary to. You can’t use a Google Business account with this feature.

android-sync-dictionary sync-dictionary

With the learned words synced across devices, you will have the same predictive text experience across all of them. Additionally, if you ever wipe your device or buy a new one, the words will sync and seamlessly cut the keyboard’s learning period down to zero.

Select Language And Input Tool

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