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InFoto Generates Gorgeous Inforgraphics About Photos On Your Android Device

Just recently, we covered a mobile camera benchmarking app called CamSpeed for Android and WP7 that provided users with information regarding several key parameters, including shutter time, focus time and image time etc. While the app was quite good in its own respect, how many casual mobile users among us really care about such hardcore information? What most of us photography-maniacs are looking for, is a simple and graphically-rich app that can let us know of our photography habits; some basic information that presents us with core data pertaining to how we use our mobile camera. This is exactly what InFoto brings to the table. Those who’ve used Photo Stats on their iOS-powered devices might cite InFoto as an Android replica of the app. It is, in fact, only slightly different. Basically, InFoto is an infographic generator that, through its well-polished layout and smart metadata analysis, shows you information relating to various locations where you have captured the most images from your device’s camera, among other details. It lets you know your favorite time for capturing photos, the screen orientation that you prefer in this regard, the proportion of photos that you’ve captured with flash, your preferred photo sizes and their ISO values.


All aforementioned data is presented through high quality infographics in the form of various scrollable screens. Understanding the app’s mode of operation is no rocket science, since it scans your device for all the underlying images (presumably, just JPEGs), utilizes metadata of each individual image, compiles relevant supported parameters together, and then presents its findings via multiple aesthetically-rich infographics.


The app’s homescreen lets you either generate an infographic from scratch, or sneak peek at the previous one. Once finished with processing all the images, it lets you view the very first slide that focuses on the locations (on a world map) where you’ve captured the most number of images. From here, you can swipe sideways to check out other data that InFoto has on offer.


Next comes information about your top photo locations (by cities), favorite time for taking photos (on a timeline), favorite orientation (landscape or portrait), percentage of photos captured using flash, favorite photo sizes (in  Megapixels) and the ISO value of your photos (ISO 100, 125 160 or other). Sharing a selected bit of infographic is as simple as just tapping anywhere on its relevant slide and selecting whether you wish to share by mail or through other means.


While the app impresses with its eye-catching graphics, the authenticity and accuracy of the data that it presents is somewhat questionable (at least, in case of my Galaxy Nexus). That said, if you’re too curious about learning more of your photo-capturing habits, InFoto can certainly lend some much-needed help. The app is available in the Google Play Store as a free and (perhaps) a $0.99 donation version.

Download InFoto Free for Android

Download InFoto for Android (Paid)

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