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Instamap For Android Lets You Browse Geotagged Instagram Photos On Google Maps

The release of the official Android client of the popular photo-editing and sharing app, Instagram, has to be lauded as a massive success. In a matter of a couple of months of its release in the Google Play Store, the app has seen an overwhelming response in terms of the number of downloads. In fact, Instagram now enjoys the status of being the best Android app from the social genre. Having said that, you can still find quite a few third-party Instagram clients for Android that focus on the features that the official app is currently lacking in. One good example of such app is Instamap that, at best, can be cited as a fine amalgamation of Google Maps and Instagram. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Instamap lets you explore geo-tagged Instagram photos on Google Maps. Using the app, you can navigate to virtually any part of the globe from where you wish to view various images shared by avid Instagram users. Whether you wish to explore your surroundings through Instagram-med photos, or want to check out the photographic taste of the users from Poland, Instamap is your best bet for now.


For an app of the caliber of Instagram, it is quite surprising not to see it, or other unofficial clients, supporting the feature that Instamap does. While the official Instagram app is quite good at letting people geo-tag their photos, it doesn’t let you explore such photos that share your vicinity. This is what makes Instamap special. What’s even better is that the app’s concept is as simple as it sounds, however, there is nothing much to discuss about in terms of its interface. Upon launch, Instamap prompts you to authorize it to access your Instagram account, so you can get into the social side of things.


By default, the app opens to your current location view, with all the geo-tagged Instagram images scattered all over the map. However, it’s entirely upon your discretion to check out the images from whatever part of the world you please. Each individual photo is represented through a thumbnail, tapping which lets you share your feelings about the image via comments or likes. If, for some reason, the photos fail to load at the first attempt, or you wish to manually update the app’s content, just give the refresh button at the top a push.

As of now, that’s pretty much what the app has on offer. However, one can expect future updates to bring several additional goodies, including grid view, real-time search suggestions for locations, and browsing photos by individual user etc.

Instamap is available for free, and requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download Instamap for Android

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