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Last Message For Android Alerts Select Contacts When Battery Is Low

Despite constant measures taken by mobile device manufacturers regarding battery performance issues, you’ll still find a lot of dissatisfied users out there complaining about irregularities in their devices’ battery behavior. The worst situation arises when you need to stay in touch with your contacts on the move and your device suddenly powers off due to low battery. How often have you been confronted by such a helpless situation where you were unaware of your device’s battery status and consequentially failed to inform your contacts that you might not be able to reply to them for a while just because of your dead mobile battery? How about an app that could automatically determine your device’s alarmingly low battery level in such dire circumstances and send that one final message to your contacts before you can catch up with them again after a fresh recharge. Enter Last Message – a free and customizable Android app that is capable of automatically sending a personalized message to your SMS, mail and social contacts once your device’s battery reaches a user-specified critital minimum.

Last Message can prove to be a lifesaver in situations where your device’s fast-fading battery won’t even allow you to compose a simple ‘running low battery’ message, let alone sending it to select contacts from a wide pool of your phone and online contacts.


As of now, the app supports automatic message sending via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter, and lets you select contacts for all supported communication platforms whom you want to be alerted. The best part about Last Message is the immensely simple implementation of its useful little concept. You compose a custom message from the app’s home screen, select the communication media (and required contacts) to share the message on/with, and eventually specify the minimum battery level for automatically sending your custom message via the selected mediums.


Make sure that the toggle at the bottom of the screen is turned ‘On’ in order to activate the app’s background services. You have the option to share the message to Facebook and Twitter as a Wall post and tweet, respectively. Also, you may select a handful of contacts from both said networks to post or tweet the message to. Needless to say, as soon as your device’s battery reaches the specified level, the custom message will be automatically and simultaneously shared across all selected mediums.


In terms of customization, you have the option to set a start and end time for the app’s service. In addition, you can select the days on which you want the app’s services to be available to you. That’s not all – Last Message also supports monitoring and displaying various statistics regarding your device’s battery performance. For instance you may check the battery temperature history, health graph, last recharge time, and the app’s notifications pertaining to the messages sent to different contacts.

Having tested the app to our satisfaction, we can confidently recommend it to our readers. Given its effectiveness and reliability, the app can prove to be an able companion in desperate times. Apart from a bit of polishing in the UI department, we’d love to see the app updated with the option to select required contacts in batch. Other than that, it’s an almost complete package.

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  1. There is no such thing as “constant measures taken by mobile device manufacturers regarding battery performance issues”!
    Due an overall mobile phone’s cost and small size and weight all manufactures provide UNDERRATED rechargeable batteries… that’s all there is behind batteries that can’t last more than 2/3 of a day!

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