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Monitor Internet Speed & Data Usage From Android Status Bar

The good ol’ internet speed tests – they have been around with us for as long as our early internet days. Being a tech enthusiast, you might be aware of a lot of options out there to test your internet bandwidth, with some sites and apps offering more statistics than others. Speedtest.net, for instance, is a fairly popular name in this genre and pops up into mind whenever you feel the need to put your internet bandwidth to the test. But apart from testing your internet connection’s quality and speed, Speedtest.net doesn’t offer much of anything else. If you need to monitor your internet speed as well as keep a tab on the total amount of bandwidth your Android device has consumed so far, give Internet Speed Meter a shot. It’s a free app designed to display your current internet speed in the status bar, also letting you monitor your bandwidth use on a daily basis.

The app sports a really simple interface; there’s no flashy-looking broadband performance evaluator like the one found on Speedtest, but this barebones UI makes it equally easier to use by anyone, even with little-to-no network knowledge. It monitors and updates bandwidth in real-time, and measures Wi-Fi and mobile data use separately from one another. The list that it shows on its home screen presents data organized by date. In addition, it also shows you your total data consumption for the present day and month so far. In addition to displaying daily download stats in the notification bar, Internet Speed Meter also logs your total data traffic use for the last 30-day period so you may quickly analyze whether your mileage is in balance.


The developer touts the app as highly battery efficient, while not really citing how it consumes little battery while remaining active all the time. That’s right, the app monitors and updates the speed in real time. You can monitor it directly from status bar, while pulling down the notification bar reveals further information like signal strength, access point name, and total data consumption from mobile and Wi-Fi.

Internet-Speed-Meter-Lite-1 Internet-Speed-Meter-Lite_Notification

Overall, it’s a great ad-free application that lets you monitor your internet speed and consumption all the time. The app also has a Pro version that boasts a few extra perks such as a smarter notification system, theme support, blue status bar icon, and ability to show upload and download speeds separately.

Install Internet Speed Meter Lite from Play Store (Free)

Install Internet Speed Meter from Play Store (Paid)

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