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Scan & Diagnose Internet Issues On Android With Netalyzr By ICSI

There’s no secret that most of us have to deal with various internet and network-related issues every now and then, and they can be a huge hassle at times, especially if your entire organization depends on it. Usually, we blame our ISP during outages or interruption in service, but there can be several other reasons why you might be getting slower than usual internet speeds. In any case, pinpointing the problem can be quite tedious, and that’s what services like Netalyzr aim to help you with as quickly as possible. Developed by the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, California, it’s a popular web application that analyzes your network for possible problems. ICSI has now released an Android version of the service as well, sporting the same name and letting you quickly debug such issues after a series of tests.

The feature-rich mobile version looks pretty plain on the surface, but this is something that also makes it dead-simple to use. You’re presented with two tabs at the top: New Test, and Prior Results. To begin the debugging process, simply tap Start under the New Test tab.

The app will put your internet connection through a series of tests (about 109 in total) including blocking of important services, your DNS server’s resilience to abuse, HTTP caching behavior and proxy correctness, NAT detection, and latency & bandwidth measurements (only if specified in the Settings screen). On routed devices, the app also conducts IP traceroutes. You can also optionally take a short survey about the type of internet connectivity you use, your monthly bandwidth quota etc.

Netalyzr_Main Netalyzr Test

After conducting the tests, Netalyzr presents you with its comprehensive, color-coded scan results, letting you easily rectify the underlying issue. Properties with no apparent problems are highlighted in green; yellow indicates some minor issues, and red points to major problems. You may also see a few greyed-out areas in your report, which are purportedly unknown or non-applicable entries.

Netalyzr Report 1 Netalyzr Report 2

Previous scan results can later be reanalyzed under the ‘Prior Results’ tab. All reports are automatically saved here after each scan, meaning you will not have to manually do anything your own to save test results. You can identify each report via its IP address. For your convenience, Netalyzr also displays the test date next to each item.

When it comes to the app’s Settings screen, here are the parameters that users can toggle under ‘Test configuration’, ‘Location-aware tests’, and ‘Task control’:

  • Run cellular latency test
  • Run bandwidth test
  • Report base station
  • Report WiFi AP
  • Report location
  • Stop background apps

Netalyzr Prev Reports Netalyzr Settings

All in all, Netalyzr is a great internet debugging and troubleshooting app. You can grab it for free via the link below.

Install Netalyzr from Play Store

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