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Save, Annotate & Share Web Snippets On Android With Nimbus Clipper

I’ve always used Evernote Web Clipper for saving fragments of content I come across when browsing the web. If you’re looking for similar solutions, there’s Nimbus Web Clipper for Chrome, that works roughly the same way. Since we last covered it, Nimbus Clipper has evolved quite a lot and now offers an Android app by the same name. The app allows users to quickly capture web page snippets, take screenshots, annotate them with a powerful built-in editor, and have it all synced up with your Nimbus account on the go.

Nimbus Clipper sports a decent and easy-to-use interface. When you hop on for the first time, you’re asked to sign in to your Nimbus account. Logging in allows you to sync your snippets to the cloud, but if you want to merely save the content offline, you can skip it. The home screen carries three buttons: Take Photo, From Gallery and Web Clipper.

Nimbus Clipper_Login Nimbus Clipper

To start saving content from a web page, you will then need to navigate to the ‘Web Clipper’ section, where you can browse websites through Nimbus’ integrated browser. Upon finding something useful, you can save it in a multitude of ways. The three buttons at the bottom enable you to save the entire web page, just the article within, or a screenshot of the visible area. Other than that, you can also clip just a portion of page – an image or paragraph of text, for instance – by tapping and holding down on it.

Nimbus Clipper_Web Nimbus Clipper_Upload Nimbus Clipper_Share

Besides content clipping, Nimbus offers a decent image annotation utility with shapes, text and free-hand drawing. Apart from content saved with the Web Clipper, the annotation tool allows you to capture new photos or load existing images from your gallery. All annotations can be repositioned and resized on the fly. When you’re done, you can crop the result as needed, then sync it with the Nimbus cloud or save it offline.

Once it is uploaded, the app lets you copy its URL to the clipboard and share it via other apps.

Nimbus Clipper_Article Nimbus Clipper_Edit Nimbus Clipper Edit Photo

Nimbus Clipper might be new to the Play Store, but it is already, on my books, one the best ways to quickly capture and annotate web snippets on Android. You can download it to your device for free via the link below.

Install Nimbus Clipper from Play Store

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