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Now SMS Is An Android Text Messaging App With A Google-Now Like UI

Messaging apps are among the most popular and fastest growing applications genres on Android and iOS. Even though free mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, Kik or Viber have been getting more consumer attention lately (and incessantly eating away at mobile carriers’ SMS revenues), SMS clients such as Go SMS Pro still haven’t faded entirely into the background. Now SMS is a brand new text messaging app for Android that features Google+ and Google Now-like aesthetics with Android’s Holo interface. The app allows you to send and read your SMS and MMS messages, and comes packaged with loads of additional features and options. Screenshots, usage details and more right after the jump.

Now SMS carries all basic features that you’d expect from an app of this type, along with many advanced features that are usually offered by third-party apps only. It sports a slick UI with fancy animations that are found in Google+ and Google Now. The message list comprises of contact picture, names, time stamp, and a message excerpt. The interface also carries ‘New Message’ and ‘Mark All As Read’ buttons at the top-right for instant access. It also displays total message counter beside each message thread, while all the unread messages in the list are automatically highlighted as bold.

Now SMS Main

The conversation screen also looks fantastic. The threaded chat UI, which has now become an industry standard, does a good job separating outgoing and incoming messages. Each SMS thread carries time stamp and contact picture.

Now SMS also has full Emoji support. You can choose from a variety of available emoticons over multiple categories such as smiley faces, animals, objects and more. The Emoji pane can be opened by tapping the minuscule smiley button on the bottom left.

You can also send MMS using this app, though MMS support is still in early beta and may won’t work as it should.

New Message Compose Message

The app also features many customization options to help you get the perfect experience out of it. These include a theme chooser that lets you select among various skins, conversation list personalization, popup notification settings, plus a few more perks.

The only caveat is that most of these major features – such as popup notifications and theme customization – are only available in the paid variant of Now SMS, leaving freeware junkies with a basic set of features.

Settings Appearance

Besides its Google+ and Google Now-inspired UI, it’s hard to recommend Now SMS to users especially when apps like Go SMS Pro offer so many more features without paying a dime.

Install Now SMS from Play Store

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  1. This app is very very slow. It takes a second or two to get into message threads, even if you’ve already loaded the thread before.

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