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Rallee Is A Walkie Talkie & Voice Chat Android App For Facebook Users

As long as you’re content with interacting with your Facebook friends via text chats, the official Facebook Messenger Android app has you covered, but what if you wanted to communicate with them through voice? How about an app that can be used as a walkie talkie to allow you real-time voice messaging with not just one friend, but with an entire group comprising select friends? That is what Rallee Walkie Talkie is all about. This free Android app puts the Push-To-Talk (PTT) communication mode to good use by converting your device into a handy walkie talkie, allowing real-time voice chat with your individual Facebook friends as well as public and private Rallee groups. Feeling bored? Just find someone to have a voice conversation with by using the app’s Random call feature! Continue reading past the break to find out more about Rallee.

The app’s contact support isn’t just limited to your Facebook friends and groups. Instead, it offers various local and category-based channels to let users voice chat with nearby Rallee users, as well as with people who share the same interests as yours.


Rallee sports a relatively simple UI with a large Talk (PTT) button in the middle, and shortcuts to various contact groups aligned horizontally at the bottom. Needless to say, you will first have to authorize Rallee to access your Facebook account.

Once logged in, the app will display real-time notifications whenever your friends are online. To start chatting though, you’ll have to fist invite them. Once the contact accepts your call, the chatting session is established. Just hold the red ‘Talk’ button, and start speaking into your device’s microphone. The person on the other end can listen to your voice in real-time (with minimal delay), and can reply back in the same manner once you release the button. To enjoy a complete hands-free conversation, just tap the microphone icon at the bottom-left and keep speaking freely. As with most group chatting apps, Rallee lets you kick out a participant from an ongoing conversation session, and invite more friends to it.

Rallee-Walkie-Talkie-Android-Random Rallee-Walkie-Talkie-Android-Call

The app also supports several interesting public groups. Ranging from groups for gamers to regional ones, you are presented with a variety of options. As mentioned earlier, you also have the choice of creating your own custom groups by selecting the contacts. Another good thing about Rallee is that it lets you voice chat with your existing Facebook group members with just a tap.

The Random call feature of the app also deserves a special mention here, as it lets you specify a custom radius (in miles) from where it can find you a random stranger to chat with. If a user is available within specified area, you’ll be notified, along with their user name and photo. All you need to do to start your random socialization is hit Call and wait for the user to respond.

It is worth mentioning here that Rallee is currently in beta, and the aforementioned Local and Themed Channels features aren’t active as of yet.

Download Rallee Walkie Talkie PTT For Android

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  • Anna

    Hey, just wanted to say that Rallee is live in the google play store now and can be downloaded for free on Androids. It’s beta phase ended last week.