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Set Timers For Any Length Of Time On Any Future Date With DownCount [Android]

The default clock app of Android is useful enough for quickly timing things like boiling an egg, waiting for you friend, or steeping tea. But when you need to keep track of longer periods of time, or use multiple timers simultaneously, the clock app can’t help you. Downcount, a new Android app available for free at the Google Play was developed to fill this gap, allowing users to instantly create timers for any length past the usual hours limit. Is it worth your time? Let’s go check it out!

If you’re a fan of simple and minimal interfaces, you’ll like Downcount’s look and feel. The app’s flat design is quite fascinating and the UI is fairly snappy and easy to navigate. Once launched, you’re presented with a  screen that looks like the on below. At the top left you will view the app’s name and to the right side is a plus button tapping which enables you to add new count down timers. The rest of the area displays the list of timers you’ve already added. Downcount is unlike other apps in the business. It doesn’t simply let you set short period timers in seconds, minutes or hours; you can go way beyond that and set timers of events both in the future and past.



As stated earlier, you can tap the ‘Plus’ button to create new timers. Afterwards, you can give it a name and a date, and that’s just about it. If you enter a past date, the day of your wedding ceremony for instance, it will also count up. The app features a built in calendar that lets you select the days for which you can want to add timers. To delete an item, you can simply swipe it away. And to edit, a long-press will do the job.

Downcount_New Downcount_Date

Of course, it would be handy to have the option for smaller units of time like minutes or hours, but if you want to add timers for days that are very far in the future or something important in your past, Downcount is a nice alternative to the timer feature in default clock app of the Android. The app available for free at Google Play, though you can purchase in-app upgrade to remove ads or support the developer.

Install Downcount from Play Store

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