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ShortPaste Shortens All URLs From The Clipboard When You Paste Them [Android]

Link shortners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Services like Bit.ly and Goo.gl can quickly turn a lengthy URL into a smaller one, which can prove useful in several situations, such as when the text field is limited (like on Twitter) or the said URL has too many characters to type. Generally when you need to shorten links you head over to a link shorting website, paste the URL and retrieve its shortened version. But if you use Android, and want to cut a few extra steps from the process, the new app ShortPaste can automatically shorten all links you highlight and copy to the clipboard.

ShortPaste sports a really simple design. From its home screen, you can select which URL shortening service you want to use (Bit.ly or Goo.gl), the built in archive which carries a list of shortened URLs you previously used. Once enabled, the app runs in the background, and pastes any link you copy in shortened form to the required field, such on Facebook, Google Hangouts, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The app is also free from any intrusive options to further confuse you.

ShortPaste ShortPaste Archive

The best bit about ShortPaste is its straightforward usage. I used the app to shorten a few links and I already found it fairly useful in a day’s usage. Copy the URL that you need to shorten to the clipboard and when you paste the same link to another app, ShortPaste will use the shortened version instead. And that’s just about it. ShortPaste also has a Settings screen where you can easily deactivate the app if you need. Furthermore, you can toggle start on boot, as well as Trim Header, which removes https:// from the beginning of all new links.

By default ShortPaste uses goo.gl, but it also allows the use of bit.ly in the options. In addition, you can set a custom Bit.ly username and API key.

ShortPaste Copy ShortPaste Paste ShortPaste Settings

The app is available at the Google Play. You can download it to your device via the link below.

Install ShortPaste from Play Store

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