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Get Fast Folder Search & Selection When You Save A Bookmark [Chrome]

I recently cleaned up the fantastic mess that was my bookmarks and I have been trying to keep them clean ever since. In that endeavour, I’ve added many new folders with the strangest names just so I know what links I’ve saved to them when I look at the bookmarks bar a month or so from now. The problem is, when I first organized my bookmarks, I was able to sort folders by name. The bookmarks manager, and subsequently the bookmarks bar doesn’t automatically sort new folders by the same convention so all the new folders I’ve added appear in no order. This is problematic because I can’t easily find the right folder from the (very) long list of folders I’ve created which is why Fast Bookmark is my new favorite Chrome extension. It lets me search for a folder in my bookmarks and filters the results as I type them. As opposed to opening the long list of folders, I can search for them.

Fast Bookmark adds a button next to the URL bar and you’re going to have to use it instead of the regular bookmark button. You can still edit the title of the bookmark you’re saving (not something I do though I’m sure I’ll regret it later).

When you find a link to bookmark, click the button and in the ‘Folder’ field start typing the name of the folder you want to save the link to. If you can’t recall the name, you can still manually search the list from this same drop-drown. Click ‘Submit’ after you’ve selected the folder and edited the title.

fast bookmarks

My one beef with this extension is that if I want to add a new folder, something that I need to do from time to time, I can’t use this extension to do it. I have to alternate between using the default bookmark button and the extension’s bookmark button according to the situation.

Fast Bookmark searches folders fast enough to justify its name but I’m disappointed that the extension doesn’t let users add tags as well. It’s a problem I have with most bookmarking extension i.e. they are never really a complete package. Even the default bookmark feature doesn’t let you add tags. Not only does this mean I need one more extension installed to do that job, but also that more steps are involved when adding a bookmark. Despite that, Fast Bookmark is getting a permanent place in my browser.

Install Fast Bookmark From The Chrome Web Store

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  1. Tips: Creating a new folder is super easy as well: Just type “> my-new-folder” and Fast Bookmark will create a new folder with the name “my-new-folder” and save the bookmark into it.

    But I can’t specify where to create the folder though 🙁

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