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Songkick Concerts: Track Events & Tour Dates For Your Favorite Music Artists, Now On Android

It’s been almost a year since the official iOS client of popular music event discovery service, Songkick, was released in the iTunes App Store. If you’re an Android user, you’ll be delighted to know that the app is now available in the Google Play Store. Not only is the Android variant of Songkick Concerts much better and polished than its iOS counterpart in terms of looks, but is also equipped with several additional features. The app has the capacity to scan your local music library, Google Play Music, Pandora, Facebook and last.fm accounts to gauge your personal music taste. Based on its findings, it then presents you with a personalized calendar, depicting upcoming concerts of your favorite artists by location. In addition, the app brings plenty of customizations and user-friendly features that can keep you from resorting to multiple event tracking websites and subscription services for getting timely alerts about live performances of your favorite bands in town.

Songkick-Concerts-Android-Scanner Songkick-Concerts-Android-Calendar

Songkick Concerts is not the first-of-its-kind of an app to have hit the market, as there are several other music event exploration and tracking apps, like GigBeat and Bandsintown, already available to mobile users. Nevertheless, the addition of the mobile client of the biggest service of them all, Songkick, to this list, is quite welcoming. Apart from the enticing concept, it’s the app’s sleek Holo-themed UI that instantly catches the eye. When launched, the app scans all supported music sources and online accounts for any piece of information that it can get regarding your favorite artists and bands. Once the scanning is complete, you’re presented with the all-important unified calendar, presenting the upcoming events of all the artists that the app has managed to recognize. Alongside each event, you can view its relevant details, such as the date and location. Using the calendar button in the top-right, you may filter out the events list according to a preferred date. Found something of interest? Just hit the event title to head over to its details screen.

Songkick-Concerts-Android-Home Songkick-Concerts-Android-Artists

From said screen, you can sync the selected event with your Google Calendar, share the event details with your buddies, announce your availability plans (attending the event or not), get location details, jump to the ticket booking page, and sneak peek into the line-up for the rest of the performances from the event. Real-time notifications will keep you updated of the latest event announcement by your favorite artists, whereas the nifty little homescreen widget displays all the events that you’ve added to your monitoring list lately.

Songkick-Concerts-Android-Event1 Songkick-Concerts-Android-Event2

Already impressed? This constitutes only half of the app’s features. We haven’t yet mentioned that the app’s dashboard has been designed in a way to help you filter out events by date, location and artist. Better yet, the app also lets you manually search for and track favorite artists, and doesn’t keep you confined to monitoring events from just your current location; it supports searching for and adding custom locations to the event tracking list without placing any restriction whatsoever on the number of additional artists or custom locations. Location-based search results are further narrowed down to include popular arenas, halls and musical venues from within a specific city.

Songkick-Concerts-Android-Locations Songkick-Concerts-Android-Widget

All in all, Songkick Concerts does what it’s meant to do – to help you keep a close tab on the upcoming performances of your favorite musicians. It is also worth mentioning here that in order to get the best out of the app, you must log in using a Songkick or Facebook account. Just like the iOS variant, the official Android app of Songkick Concerts is available for free. It requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

Download Songkick Concerts for Android

Download Songkick Concerts for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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