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Stop Notifications Waking Your Screen When Do Not Disturb Is Enabled In Android 7

Do not disturb is a feature introduced in Android 6.0. It lets you silent all notifications for a specific time period. You can choose to allow messages and calls from select contacts to still alert you when Do not disturb is enabled. You can also schedule when Do not disturb is enabled and disabled. The feature is great for when you’re trying to block out distractions or you want a peaceful, stress free night of sleep. Up until Android 6.0, Do not disturb disabled all sound alerts but your screen still lit up and the LED still flashed when you had a new notification. Android 7.0 lets you disable both these visual alerts when you’ve turned Do not disturb on. Here’s how.

Open the Settings app and go to Sounds. Scroll down to the Do Not Disturb setting. On the Do not disturb settings screen, tap ‘Block visual disturbances’

You have two options here. The ‘Block when screen is on’ option pertains to notifications you receive when you are actively using the device. If you would like to disable the banner like notifications when Do not Disturb is enabled, turn this option On. This will also prevent you from peeking at notifications.

The ‘Block when screen is off’ option pertains to notifications you receive when you are not using your device i.e. the display is asleep. If you want to prevent the display from waking up when a new notification is received, turn this option On. This will additionally disable the LED light alerts your phone sends you when you have new notifications.

visual-disturbances-dnd dnd-visual-disturbances

Both these options work only if Do not Disturb is enabled. It will in no way effect how notifications are delivered outside Do not disturb mode.

The makes it much easier for you to ignore your phone. Previously the sound alerts were all that were turned off. If your phone were sitting next to your bed or even on your desk where a lit screen would easily catch your eye, it remained a distraction. Here’s to productivity.


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