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Tweak Playback Quality On Android With The Sleek Music Equalizer

Over the years, smartphones have vastly improved in pretty much every aspect. They now have better cameras, more vivid displays, sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing build quality, enhanced audio output and better connectivity options, in addition to more powerful processors and large amounts of RAM & storage. When it comes to audio, many people now use their smartphones to listen to music from cloud-based music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. That said, smartphones have almost replaced dedicated portable audio players as well, that once used to dominate the market. While the sound quality varies from one device to device, and purportedly depends on how expensive your phone is, there are certain apps that can spice up the sound output through software equalization. One such free app for Android that we stumbled upon is Music Equalizer. The application is fairly powerful, and comes with quite a few different presets from various music genres.

Music Equalizer allows you to adjust your Android phone or tablet’s volume and sound effects to get the best sound output. It sports a decent user interface that houses a volume knob and equalization sliders for audio adjustments. And the good thing is that it worked really well with almost all the music apps we tried it on during our testing.

An interesting thing you’ll notice about it is how it uses a transparent background around its edges to give a pseudo-floating app look. Though in every manner, it still works as a conventional full-screen Android app. The main screen caries a large volume knob, using which you can control the overall level of audio output. It also carries a colorful visualizer designed to add a bit of eye candy. When you tap the minuscule button at the top-left corner, the interface flips over and brings up the equalizer controls. The five-band equalizer works really well, and the results are almost instantly noticeable. You may also change bass boost and virtualizer effects using their own knobs. The dotted lights that automatically lit depending on the position of the knobs add a really nice and clean visual effect to the mix.

Music-Equalizer_ Settings1_

Music Equalizer houses a total of 9 different presets including flat, classic, metal, hip hop, Latin, pop, dance, rock and normal. In addition, you can enable / disable the equalizer on the fly via the on/off switch at the top.


Even though there are many sound equalizers already available on Google Play Store, Music Equalizer is a nice addition. You can download it for free via the link provided below.

Download Music Equalizer For Android

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