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Udemy Brings Its Huge Library Of Video Courses To Android

Internet is a powerful resource that can help you learn new skills. All you have to do is look in the right places. There are various popular online destinations, like Wiki-how, eHow or About.com, that cover a variety of popular subjects that help us enhance our skills on our own. Udemy is one such renowned name among the bunch that aims to unlock your learning potential via hundreds of video courses taught by the experts, covering nearly 10,000 courses for a wide array of categories including Technology, Photography, Yoga etc. Udemy has been a critical and commercial success since it’s been around, and just last year, the company released an iOS app for letting you learn on the go on tablet and mobile platforms. This month marks the launch of Udemy on the Android platform bringing all of Udemy’s fantastic offerings to your Android phone or tablet.

Udemy_Signin Udemy_Discover Udemy_Categories

The interface looks pretty elegant. You can sign in via Facebook or Google+ as well as your email to access the vast variety of audio and video courses from Udemy’s gargantuan library. The courses it offers range from business and design to humanities, technology and more. Whether you want to learn HTML, Photoshop or how to take photos with a DSLR camera, Udemy has you covered.

Existing users will immediately see the list of their subscribed courses on the main screen. If you’re new to Udemy, you can tap the ‘Discover’ button to go through the available topics from under the ‘On Sale’, ‘New’ and ‘Categories’ tabs. Some courses are free while others could cost you anything from a few to several bucks. Each course has a video demo so you may decide whether to subscribe or not before purchase.

Navigation between different sections of the app is quite snappy thanks to its support for swipe gestures. When you tap on a course, the app provides a mini description, available lectures and author information.

The app also allows downloading the courses to local storage for offline access. This can come in handy during morning walks, or on the road when you don’t have access to the internet. Udemy is optimized for both tablets and smartphones so users of both device types get an equal experience.

Udemy_Tech_Courses Udemy_Course Udemy_Watch

Udemy is free to download on the Google Play Store, and requires Android 4.0 and above. You can install it on your device via the link provided below.

Install Udemy from Play Store

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