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Uniclau: Scan QR Codes With Your Phone To Log In To Accounts On Your Computer [Android, iOS]

Email services, social networks, online file sharing services, corporate accounts, cloud storage services, blogs, media streaming sites and online documentation services etc. – a typical internet user’s life certainly doesn’t get any easier managing online credentials for so many different web services. Your web browser can, of course, hold all your accounts in its database to save you from the hassle of reinserting these credentials again and again, but the problem arises when you’re required to resort to a different computer or web browser to access your online accounts. Recalling password of each and every service correctly can be tough, whereas manually logging in to a stranger computer bears its own risk. What if you could use your smartphone to log in to the required service without having to feed in any password whatsoever? Uniclau is a free Android and iOS app that now makes such authentication to your preferred online services possible. Designed to work in combination with a dedicated Google Chrome extension, Uniclau serves as your trusted password vault that you can carry anywhere, and use to automatically log in to any preferred online account by just scanning a QR code. Details to follow.

What’s even better than the app’s compelling functionality is its usability. Using the links provided below, download and install the Uniclau mobile app and the Chrome extension on their respective platforms. Once the extension is installed, you’ll be able to see the Uniclau-generated QR code atop any online service’s webpage that you wish to log in to.


From the mobile app’s perspective, at launch, it prompts you to select a new security PIN. Next, it asks you to provide an email address that will be used as the main identity to store all your credentials. Once that is taken care of, and you’re required to log in to some online service, just launch the app, scan the QR code displayed on your browser, feed in the relevant credentials on your mobile (one time process only), hit the Request Access button at the bottom, and you’ll be automatically logged in to the service on your desktop browser. It’s that simple.


Uniclau works with almost any web service that currently exists, and it also has the capacity to store unlimited credentials for each supported service. All it requires from you is the selection of the account using which you want to log in to the required service. Even if a certain service is not supported, or if the QR code is somehow unreadable, you can also manually feed in the URL of the service.

Afraid of losing your mobile and hence, all the underlying online credentials? As mentioned above, there is the option to secure the app using a 4-digit PIN. Want even more security? There are couple of options in this regard – you may either specify a list of ‘trusted’ friends (other Uniclau users) that can help you retrieve your credentials in case of theft or loss, or you can secure the device using a system-generated PUK code. If required, you can also revoke your current (main) account and register with a new one to start afresh.


In a nutshell, Uniclau is not only meant to save you from the hassle of manually feeding in your credentials to each and every service that you wish to log in to, but it also protects your valuable accounts from falling an easy prey to keyloggers, since you’re not required to key in any passwords whatsoever. The app has been successfully tested, and for its usability, functionality and all-round convenience, we can safely argue that it is bound to attract quite a few mobile users from across both supported platforms.

Uniclau is available in both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Download links to both the variants of the app are provided at the end, but before that, you might be interested in taking a look at the official demo video.

Download Uniclau for Android

Download Uniclau for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Download Uniclau Chrome Extension


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