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Whistle Camera Listens For An Audio Cue & Snaps A Picture

What if you could take a picture with your Android phone without needing to tap a shutter button or press one of the keys? If you’re thinking this is a timer-triggered trick, think again. Whistle Camera – Selfie & More is an Android app that is whistle activated; you focus on a subject, whistle and the app snaps a picture. You can set a timer and the whistle will activate it. Alternatively you can always hit the shutter button or press the volume up key to capture an picture with the app which can use both the front and rear facing camera on your phone to take pictures.

Before we get down to the details, you may be asking yourself why you would like to take pictures via a whistle command. The default camera app reserves the volume up/down buttons for taking a picture so why the need for this command? The answer is jittery images. It’s hard to keep a steady hand when taking pictures with a phone and for people with larger devices, it is more difficult.

After having focused on your subject, moving your fingers to press the volume keys or the shutter button can result in you either losing focus of the subject or a jittery image. What greatly reduces jitter is to use both hands to hold your device, alternatively, you can fold one arm across your chest and rest the other one on it when focusing but then how do you take the picture? “…maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don’t you…”

Launch the app and let out the faintest whistle you can manage. A pea whistle appears on your phone to show that the app heard you and a picture is snapped.


You can set a timer by tapping the clock, tap it multiple times to increase the delay time


The app counts down the timer for you on your phone’s screen. You can use the slider at the top to zoom in or out. You can tap and hold on the screen to focus the camera on that particular part and turn the flash on or off. Since the app connects with the front camera as well, you can set a timer and use it to take a nice selfie.


If you feel the app is a bit too sensitive to sound and is taking pictures in response to the slightest creak from your chair or floorboards, you can manage the app’s sensitivity to the whistling sound. Tap the cog wheel button and in the menu that pops up, select how sensitive you want the app to be and set picture resolution.

picture size whistle level

The app name suggests this was meant for taking good selfies but it goes further to suggest you can use your phone as a dashcam and take pictures without having to take your hands off the wheel. The one bug we noted was that if you do not exist the app and put your display to sleep, the app will crash.

Download Whistle Camera – Selfie & More from Google Play Store

[via XDA Developers Forum ]

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  1. how am i supposed to get it working ? should i use an actual whistle or
    does it suffice to just whistle using your mouth (I am doing it in a
    silent environment so it should pick it up at very close distance)

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