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Whistle Phone Finder Lets You Whistle To Locate Your Phone [Android]

No one ever wants to lose their smartphone, because when it does happen panic quickly sets in. Yesterday we covered a paid iOS application called Marco Polo that helps you find your iPhone by shouting “Marco”, and it will respond back “Polo” allowing you to locate your device via hearing the sound. If you’re looking for a similar solution on Android then Whistle Phone Finder is a free app that can help you find your misplaced smartphone by simply whistling at it, giving you clues to its location. When using the app, users can find their device by whistling loudly and it will respond via audio notification so they know where to look.

The app has to be enabled from its Settings screen. Whistle Phone Finder is fairly customizable. Besides temporarily enabling and disabling it on the fly, you can configure a set of options. For instance, you can set whistle sensitively between low, medium and high.

Whistle Phone Finder Whistle Phone Finder_Settings

Sensitivity purportedly effects how prone the device should to the background noise. For instance, if set to High, your phone may often wake up even by birds chirping or similar background noise. Apart from sensitivity, you can also specify notification sound either from the built in choices or a custom file from your device. The application comes packaged with various notification sounds including discreet, noisey, horrable, revert and a few others. Other than that, you can also tap ‘Use High Audio Volume’ option for using maximum media volume for notification even when the device is set to silent mode. When Whistle Phone Finder is enabled, an active notification icon appears in the notification panel. You can tap it to open the app directly from there.

Whistle Phone Finder_Detection Whistle Phone Finder_Sound

Just like Marco Polo, Whistle Phone Finder is not without its shortcomings. For instance, the application needs to run in the background all the time in order to constantly listen to your whistle, which will definitely consume more battery. The app also doesn’t hear you if you’re far away from your device. And there’s also no way to disable its notification icon from the Settings screen. Whistle Phone Finder is available at zero price tag at Play Store. You can download it to your device via the link below.

Install Whistle Phone Finder from Play Store


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